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  2. Map change(to evo city v5)

    idk beacuse it would be fun to try something new but i know on this map theres many map bugs that isn't really fixable but it looks sick
  3. Very rich boy

    True lol
  4. Map change(to evo city v5)

    Holy big idea lol That is great map. +support seems like fun map I like turtles L
  5. Today
  6. brents

    Lets get this straight. (get it) Dylann is squeakier than Beth. Beth is a girl Dylann is not Dylann doesnt like girls Dylann expresses himself (Too much) Dylann + Beth = Girl Dylann = Some creature Dylann = Squeaky Creature Girl Bitch Thingy, Unexplainable by laws of physics. And yes, i assumed their genders.
  7. Map change(to evo city v5)

    I suggest that we have a map change since Evo city v3 gets boring after a while and its a good map but gets borning and i suggest we switch to evo-city v5 the one downside to this map is that it will get less frames since tha map is huge Links: Thanks for taking the time to read this :]
  8. brents

    Shit I mean @Dylann
  9. brents

  10. Zopak

    Why tf u supporting a playtime rank. Like obviously they get it aha fucking morons
  11. brents

    C'mon you sound more girly than Beth
  12. Very rich boy

    nice goodjob, you have earned the rank of absolutely no life
  13. Zopak

  14. problam when joining

    Steam ID?
  15. Zopak

  16. brents

    12 years old already the little girl is growing up fast
  17. Yesterday
  18. Very rich boy

    Very rich boy need sum sum good stuff
  19. Zopak

    +support fockin pink twink has his balls all over the map
  20. K

    You aint getting shit, servers ass
  21. brents

    ye they do
  22. brents

    They grow up so fast...
  23. brents

    RIP Brents has hit the puberty stage Get ready for EMO Brents
  24. brents

  25. Zopak

    Yes indeed! +Support
  26. brents

    Nice one.
  27. Zopak

    Yes, Pak.
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