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  2. Ok, thank you. Also, is it possible you can unban my Steam ID from the forums. Thank you Regards, S8
  3. You'll be unbanned soon. The ban from before seems to have reverted, I'll fix it when I get home.
  4. Today
  5. Your in-game name?: 'ItsS8' When were you banned?: 22/09/17 Why were you banned?: N/A. Launched Garry's Mod yesterday to see the message 'disconnect .'. How long was your ban? Permanent. Who banned you?: N/A. What is your steam id?: STEAM_0:1:69249336 Why should we unban you?: Well, because I did nothing wrong. Evidence?: N/A.
  6. Yes
  7. /me Hugs @NIGHTWALKERX99 again because someone decided to remove like 10 posts
  8. Last week
  9. Well, i'll have to go Neutral On this one. I Havent seen you as a mod ingame as you got demoted rather quickly, so i cannot offer my opinion. overall the demotion is legit though.
  10. ill give you like 50m back lad
  11. /me Hugs @Monie
  12. Okey thanks for the hug
  13. I would like to include in this is that he has seen the proof and that is what he is making his choice off of
  14. Your staff app is immature
  15. I don’t think someone that is mature can spell immature correctly. ?? But anyway thanks to know that I haven’t met you and you “think” that I’m Immature
  16. It says I’m not Thanks for the feedback.
  17. -Support Inmature Dosen't know the rules Using ulx commands off duty 2 times
  18. boi u asked what happend so what happend it he abooos
  19. If you are going to make a comment make it about the appeal and not random things like “HE ABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSS”
  20. OK sorry for asking.
  22. There is some back story about me and why I don't have staff. Would like to be though
  23. Miss me with that.
  24. Understood thanks for the feed back. Why don’t you apply for staff?
  25. /me Hugs @⌠ Luvbread ⌡ /me Hugs @Flynn
  26. @Zoom Please just wait for our community to comments and for a SA to reply for you decision to be made
  27. pls no
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