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  4. Wasssup, This is a profile, where you'll only find a profile!

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  6. how do u get -35 rep

    1. Ainsley


      Because people are assholes and because their life is bad they want to try to make other staff bad too.

    2. Dylann
  7. lul 

  8. Zeo pls add me on steam its the only way i can show you the screenshot cause i can text it through steam messages and it will show you on steam making it easier (ill check again tommorow to see if you replied if not then ill check a 3rd time 5:00pm 9/27/2017)

  9. are you gonna ban me for saying that you are bad at being staff / saying that I will get you demoted


    1. Ainsley


      I never banned you for anything you’re literally mad that you had a gun out and I arrested you. 

  10. I like this guy he cool he helped with da demotion of da Zoom guy


    I like you


  11. YES VAPEZ!!! He helped me out so much.

  12. How the shit am I honestly supposed to pronounce your name

  13. Bad staff menner, disrespecting players, calling players crying kids, When they ask for a sit for RDM and can't spell.

    1. Jeyboard[glow]Bulb
    2. Jeyboard[glow]Bulb


      Btw, this is not a attack to him or disrespect, i'm just telling my experience with him during sits.

    3. Jeyboard[glow]Bulb
  14. This dude is a legend ;-)

  15. Hey Zeo, Im RaMbO a member of EGP, i write you to ask you if  i can  be an admin, i meet all the requirements except to have the 3 warns, because when i started i was a Little bit crazy.

    if you see this message told me on the game .

    i wait a response

    See you


  16. Hello Guys Nice to meet u

  17. Ban update.

    1. DolerisLT


      7weeks and 6days till freedom.

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