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    DarkRP Rules Not following the rules will result in a punishment, please read these rules carefully to prevent a ban from the server. 1. General rules: 1.01 Do not cheat, exploit or gain an unfair advantage. 1.02 Do not kill players without a valid reason. (RDM). 1.03 Do not be offensive towards other players (OOC) 1.04 Do not mic/chat spam. 1.05 Do not prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam. 1.06 Do not use an inappropriate RP name. 1.07 Do not interfere with staff sits or staff who are on duty. 1.08 Do not evade bans, this will lead to further punishment. 1.09 Do not scam (this includes in roleplay). 1.10 Do not impersonate others. 1.11 Do not FailRP/FearRP (Failing to follow roleplay, e.g pulling out a gun when someone has a gun pointed at you). 1.12 Trading or attempting to trade in-game currency or items for real world money is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban for both parties. 1.13 Do not break the new life rule, this applies to everybody. (NLR - 3 minutes). 1.14 Do not self-supply (Changing to gun dealer to buy yourself weapons). 1.15 Do not use chain adverts (mug/carjack/raid in one advert). 1.16 You must have a valid roleplay reason to place a hit on somebody. 1.17 Do not return to your base that you were killed in until the raid is over. This applies even if your new life rule timer has expired. You must wait until the raid has finished. 1.18 Do not host self-made gambling events/areas, e.g. Casinos. 2. Building Rules: 2.01 While building you must display a building sign. You cannot own any entities (printers, weed pots, cars) while this sign is being displayed. 2.02 A player must be able to enter and exit your building with only a keypad cracker and lockpick. 2.03 Do not fading door abuse (Opening the fading door with your keybind to give yourself an unfair advantage over raiders). 2.04 You may not own more than one base at any given time. 2.05 The entrance to your base can have a maximum of three fading doors. One more fading door can be used for entity containers. 2.06 You may only have a single keypad or button for each fading door. 2.07 You may not use fake keypads or buttons. 2.08 Fading doors must be open for at least 5 seconds when a keypad has activated it. 2.09 Keypads must be placed near the fading door (this is down to admin discretion). 2.10 Suppose the entrance to your base contains 3 fading doors. 2.11 Do not build inside buildings you do not own/have permission to build inside. 2.12 A base may only contain props owned by one person (excluding entity containers, e.g. a printer or weed holder). 2.13 The first entrance to your base must be accessed via world door. you may build around the base with any kind of props as long as it's at a reasonable distance from your base. but no faded doors (exception of garages) or colided props. 2.14 Do not build your base in a way which gives the defenders an unfair advantage over raiders (maze/crouch/jump) 2.15 You may not build in public areas (Car parks, Roads, hospital, police department, spawn, bank, etc), Citizens and midgets are allowed to build anything they wish with admin approval. Homeless are allowed to build anywhere (not inside world buildings or interupting a players base +public areas). 2.16 KOS (kill on sight) signs must be clear and readable. 2.17 KOS reasons must not be vague or ambiguous. e.g. 'KOS if loitering'. 2.18 You may not build while you are being raided. 2.19 Head glitches must be no smaller than the height of the lampshade model (models/props_c17/lampshade001a.mdl) 2.20 Building on the flatgrass near mansions is allowed to be taken over if approved by a higher member of staff for a roleplay situation (Fight club, DJ Show etc) 2.21 Do not make your base completely blacked out to give yourself an advantage over raiders (black material/colour) 2.22 Do not have a skybase. 3. Raiding/Killing Rules: 3.01 Do not interfere with players who are displaying a building sign on their base (rule 2.01). 3.02 You may raid the Police Department only if you have a valid reason to do so (e.g. gang member arrested). 3.03 You may only raid the same base once every 30 minutes. 3.04 You may not kill players inside a public area. (e.g. gun store, bank, repair shops etc.) who do not pose a threat. Instead, use the FearRP rule to your advantage and tell them to face the wall. 3.05 A raid must not last longer than 15 minutes 3.06 You may not build while raiding (excluding police). 3.07 You must advert before mugging, kidnapping, raiding and carjacking. 3.08 You may only counter carjack and mug. (adverts required) 3.09 You are only allowed to steal money/shipments dropped on the floor, an advert is required. You must not shoot any fucker before stealing anything. instead take and run like a twat and only react when you get shot (Crooks/Homeless only) Police Rules: 4.01 Do not weapon check people without a valid reason. 4.02 Do not kill people who do not pose a threat to you. This includes in a bank raid. 4.03 Ensure people can pass through your police checkpoint while it is being built. 4.04 Be responsible and follow roleplay as if you were a police officer. 4.05 You must abide by the laws stated on the law board. 4.06 You may not own entities such as printers or weed pots. 4.07 You must not combat arrest (Arresting someone with their gun out) use yell chat | Example: /y FACE THE NEAREST WALL NOW OR YOU WILL BE SHOT! then proceed to use FearRP as an advantage to remove their weapon and arrest them. 4.07 Note: The criminal must face the wall if two police officers are pointing a gun, however the criminal is allowed to shoot first if the officer is alone. Allowing the officer to shoot him dead. 5. Mugging/Kidnapping/Carjacking/Hits Rules: 5.01 You may not kidnap in an open or public area. 5.02 You may only mug a player for a maximum of $50,000. 5.04 You may only have a player kidnapped for a maximum of 20 minutes (you may kill if no one pays) 5.05 You may house a maximum of 3 kidnapped players inside your base. 5.05 You may ask for a ransom of $100,000 maximum for a kidnapped player. 5.06 You may ask for $100,000 maximum for a car to be returned. 5.07 You may only carjack a vehicle if it's empty. 5.08 You can only mug someone out of sight of other players, if they don't hand over the money you must kidnap them or set them free (no killing) 5.09 You may only mug once every 30 mins 6. Abbreviations: OOC - Out of character NLR - New life rule IC - In character RDM - Random death match FDA - Fading door abuse RDA - Random arrest Mod - Moderator Admin - Administrator SA - Super admin HA - Head admin LTAP - Left to avoid punishment LTAR - Left to avoid raid RP - Roleplay IRL - In real life IG - In game IGN - In game name 7. Job Rules: Mayor: Weed pots/printers: No Mug/kidnap: No Weapons allowed: Pistols and shotguns Can base: Police Department Can raid: No Police (all): Weed pots/printers: No Mug/kidnap: No Weapons allowed: Any Can base: Police Department Can raid: Yes - Criminals only (warrant) Citizen, Midget, DJ, Mechanic, Homeless, Prostitute: Weed pots/printers: No Mug/kidnap: No Weapons allowed: Pistols Can base: Yes Can raid: No Paramedic: Weed pots/printers: No Mug/kidnap: No Weapons allowed: Pistols Can base: Yes Can raid: No Light & Heavy Gun Dealer: Weed pots/printers: Yes Mug/kidnap: No Weapons allowed: Any Can base: Yes Can raid: No Security Guard: Weed pots/printers: No Mug/kidnap: No Weapons allowed: Any Can base: Yes - Must be hired (change job name to hired by <name>) Can raid: No Gangster, Crook, Mob Boss,, Hacker: Weed pots/printers: Yes Mug/kidnap: Yes Weapons allowed: Any Can base: Yes Can raid: Yes - Hackers must be hired by a gangster, crook, mob boss. (change job name to hired by <name>) Meth Cook, Cocaine Cook: Weed pots/printers:Yes Mug/kidnap: No Weapons allowed: Any Can base: Yes Can raid: No Hitman: Weed pots/printers: No Mug/kidnap: Yes Weapons allowed: Any Can base: Yes Can raid: Yes (ACTIVE HIT, Must advert "Hit raid")
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    Okay so I've been staff with eg for over 2 years now been a long run and has been good and bad at same time been ha 2 times and now it's time for me to say good bye Ik resigning from staff I'll still be on server from time to time I'm having a lot problems with my pc so can't get on as much anymore and I'm finding being staff very boring now and no longer want to be staff maybe I'll come back in the future possibly but idk yet thanks to everyone who's been part my journey on eg and ones who I don't like I still don't but yh. Much thank to @Brents and @Vinn and @lewez for making the server great and vinn for giving me the opportunity to be staff when I first became staff and also thanks for @Mrbam @Hyfuhj @Monie @JynxAnd many more who've been part off my eg journey and good luck to all the staff team and the community see u around. And sorry if I missed u out. Many regards XZY.
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    And introduce more money into the economy? No thanks. We're trying to improve the economy, not fuck it up even more.
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    Ok as you know I am resigning this community has been a great place to play on and has been since I joined what was over two years ago I’ve worked my way up in the staff team from the bottom up to ha I’ve been ha multiple times I’m resigning because right now the server is not fun for me anymore I’m fed up of how it is I love this server and definitely is best server I’ve been part off and love the staff team yes players might hate me and some like me I have been part off this community for a long time I’ve seen the server grow and now go down in player base it’s still good server and you will all see me on time to time I wish you all the best luck in future and hope it comes back to how it use to be I’ve been back a month and worked hard day in day out for a month for the server and done everything I can and I hope all changes work. Right thank you to @Brents @[email protected] @Mrbam @Break @[email protected] @Monie @MystiiX @[email protected] @Xtc @King Cammy @Ivan402for making my time here great and others just don’t want to tag loads I will be back some time maybe. thank you for all staff members who been here and players for making it good place to play and making my time on elysian great wish you all bets luck Cya VMX
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    It's been a great 3 months, but I'm gone due to school, and other interests. Special people who made my time great! (If I didn't include your name either I don't like you or forgot) @Brents @Vinn @lewez @Monie @King Cammy @Xtc @Jake100 @Triix @Ivan402 @Hyfuhj @Pandaa @JackieBoy @Dylann @Evy_D @Lordly @Mrbam always remember he can Jew raiding tools cripz is gay monie is badmin i admit I watch hentai Byeee ❤️💜❤️💜
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    Well, since many others were doing his. Imma do it too bc fuck it. It was fun being with you all, I had a great time. But nothing really lasts forever, the only thing that may last forever are the memories, the great times, even the shitty ones. Thanks to everyone that have helped me. Even got to meet old friends that I've never seen in a long time. Thanks to all of my friends on EG. @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Friends from the start of EG/OG @[email protected]@[email protected]@Mrbam and long term friends, people I've been around with for a long time. @Lordly and @Jynx (ye weeb) (Quick Idea steal *cough cough*) If there're some people that live under a rock and don't know me, read this... or not, idc. Gangs I've been Part of: KZ | Az | Falzones Usernames I've used: Contagious | Lorenzo Falzone Well, those are all the tags. (If I missed out on you, then I forgot, if you REALLY need to be on the list msg me.) I'm off, cya all and thanks for your time " 昨日から学び、今日のために生きて、明日を願う "
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    Bye good friend of mine :C
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    I have knowed you for 1+ year now, it has been a good ride. Sadly you got blacklisted form the server for a whille, but we keept talking. To keep this short i just wanna say, it has been a great ride you really know what you are doing and i which you the best of luck.
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    cripz is gay
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    Supreme Leader lewez King Cammy Queen Xtc Prince VMX Princess XZY Duke Monie Dutchess Jynx Arch-Duke Ivan Supreme Chancellor Lordly Chancellor Mrbam Peasant Apster Peasant Vinn Peasant Jake 100 Peasant Noah Maid Brents Submit your name and your level of minge-yness (1-10) in the comments to be added (maybe
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    But it's a shit gun anyways
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    that's hot
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    bye im gonna miss u bud
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    hi rubek my friend
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    wot I’m extremely confused I have about 2 minutes on the server... is this “change” you’re talking about a exclusive car?
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    Hahaha only 54 rep what a noob.
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    happy 12 years birthday @Brents
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    You can make a ban apeal here: https://forums.elysiangaming.co.uk/forum/50-darkrp/ Use this template: Your in-game name?: When were you banned?: Why were you banned?: How long was your ban? Who banned you?: What is your steam id?: Why should we unban you?: Evidence?: Tell the truth You must tell the complete truth in your appeal, we will find out and add time to your current ban if you're lying, please do not appeal a ban appeal if you actually did something wrong, we will not be giving you any second chances, you must wait out your ban. If your ban was a long time ago we may consider unbanning you. Information: Providing as much useful information about the situation is helpful. Without providing possible descriptions, evidence given may not be useful further on. Evidence: You MUST provide evidence of the actual situation. Providing the screenshot of the ban only would make the appeal invalid. If you have no evidence within the appeal of the situation that led up to your ban, your appeal will be denied. If you feel that logs are required to be able to prove your innocence, please contact staff through the EG discord channel (https://discordapp.com/invite/ucEneq6) to retrieve them before posting the appeal. Source:
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    It appears you were banned by our anticheat. @lewezIs the man for this.
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    My car got stuck in the lake because someone thought it was funny to drive it in there. I didn't know how to get it out until @King Cammy came and rescued my lovely betty
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    I have seen a thing on other servers that we didn't have and it's bitminers and i think this server needs it and it's a really great and fun way to make money link:https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/3760/bitminers-2
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    I think this needs a poll to be honest
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    I agree with Spud, this would be really handy and usefull in my oppinion
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    Cya man, you will be missed, you are a great guy and i hope to see you on the server sometime
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    just the start cya, lad. we will still play together Kinda miss you already
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    I really like to rp as a cop, but theres no acctual way of getting someone for speed, so i looked up an radar addon which gives the police job an radar gun so that they can check others speed and then theres also speed cams that can be put out as a world entitie. And i've also seen this ticket system that i really like that could be useful with this other scanner addon. Links to both the addons: https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/3660 https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/4102/ticketbook-system-a-simple-fine-system While Browsing the gmod market i also found this which looked pretty interesting! https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/2487 Quick edit. Make it so that theres a special police job called "Speed Enforcement" that you need to apply for. That job will have the ticket system so that no one can abuse it Another Edit incoming. I have no life so i was browsing the gmodstore once again and found this https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/4442/updated-more-police-stuff-police-trunk
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    It tasted like absoulte shit. this guy chooses really disgusting people!!
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    Why do you use that aids font and colour so hard to read. Anyways goodbye, all the best.
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    hi I found this server and I’m new. Hi
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    Hahahaha you lost 300 Mill
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    Well I guess, welcome.
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    + Support Good idea
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    - Support Brents makes a perfect point.
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    A tax has been introduced into coin flips. When a user wins a coin flip, 5% of the total money that they will be rewarded will be deducted. Therefore if you win a coin flip for $1,000,000, it will be taxed for $50,000. We have decided to do this because the economy on the server is not as enjoyable to play in as it used to be. Money has lost it's value over time and it will carry on doing so if no action is taken, eventually leading to the death of the economy on the server. Doing this shall hopefully better the economy and make it more playable & enjoyable for everyone. (effective now)
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    Hey, welcome to the server dude
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    hmmm, intresting, the funny thing is that we actually had this back in the day but we removed it due to lag... so tbh idk if omni would reconsider
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    Welcome to the server Galle, hope to be seeing you in game sometimes!!
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    if it is blacklisted, it is blacklisted for a reason. At least give us the prop model name...
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    Thank you for the information Westy.
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    Is Elysian server down for maintenance?