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    DarkRP Rules Not following the rules will result in a punishment, please read these rules carefully to prevent a ban from the server. 1. General rules: 1.01 Do not attempt to exploit or cause harm to the server. 1.02 Do not randomly kill someone. (RDM - Random Death Match, killing without a valid reason) 1.03 Do not annoy other players, this includes racism etc. 1.04 Do not mic-spam, this includes voice chat, OOC chat, adverts, or admin chat. 1.05 Do not prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam. 1.06 No offensive or inappropriate text signs. 1.07 Do not use an inappropriate RP name. 1.08 Do not interfere with admin sits or Admins who are on duty. 1.09 Do not ban evade by going on an alternate account. 1.10 Do not scam, this means taking money from someone that is paying for a gun and not giving them the item, apart from this any kind of RP scam is fine. 1.11 Do not steal someone's name. 1.12 Do not abuse any bug/glitches, doing so will result in a permanent ban if not reported. 1.13 Do not failRP (Failing to follow roleplay, e.g if someone has a gun pointed at you and you decide to run off or pull out your own gun and pop him) 1.14 Trading or attempting to trade in-game currency or items for real world money is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban for both parties. 1.15 Cheating in anyway will result in a permanent ban from all our servers. 1.16 No random weapon checking as police. 1.17 Do not break NLR. NLR is 3 mins. (You may not remember what happened in your previous life Cops may only break NLR during bank/checkpoint raids. 1.18 Do not self-supply (Changing to gun dealer to give yourself weapons) 1.19 Do not use chain adverts (Mug/Carjack/Raid in one advert) 1.20 You may return after NLR timer is done if someone in your party is still alive during the raid. (raider /raided) 2. Building Rules: 2.01 While building, put up a sign that says "Building" to let others know you are not roleplaying, while sign is up you are not able to participate in any kind of RP situation. 2.02 When a building sign is up, you cannot have any entities in your base, including cars. 2.03 Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign - they are out of roleplay. 2.04 A player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lockpick. 2.05 Do not abuse the fading door tool. - (Using the numpad to constantly spam it or open and close it quickly) 2.06 You may not own more than one base at a time. 2.07 You may use a maximum of 3 fading doors, 3 sets of keypads per base (Feel free to use 1 extra for printer protection) 2.08 Keypads/buttons must be connected to a working fading door. 2.09 Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. 2.10 Keypads must be placed near the fading door. 2.11 Keypads must be low enough to be cracked from ground level - players should not have to crouch or jump. 2.12 Do not build inside unowned buildings or ones that you do not own. 2.13 Building on pavements or roads are not allowed unless homeless or within a door nearby (e.g a house with a parking lot), However you're allowed to base anywhere else, such as any type of grass or even lake if there is no door nearby. 2.14 Do not build on rooftops unless they are accessible (Don't propclimb...) 2.15 Do not block off large parts of the map - Ask a higher up staff member for permission (Headadmin+) 2.16 Do not make a maze, crouch, uphill or any disadvantage bases such as headglitching covers. 2.17 Sky bases are not allowed unless they have supports connected to the ground. 2.18 You must put a KOS signs to be able to kill someone inside your base No KOS lines or KOS outside base. Gun stores must make staff only area to be able to kill in a shop. 2.19 Do not prop-block (blocking a door to stop someone getting out - this also including blocking NPCs) 2.20 You cannot build in high pop roleplay areas such as the police department, bank or the hospital. 2.21 KOS signs must have logical reason. e.g: "KOS all reasons" is not a good reason. Good example: "KOS inside base" 2.22 One way props are allowed to be shot through, as long as it does not conflict with rule 2.16. 3. Raiding Rules: 3.01 You may only raid the PD if you have a reason too (your friend or gang member is arrested or if you have a hit on someone inside) 3.02 You may only raid the same base once every 30 minutes. 3.03 You must not kill-on-sight if raiding a shop or gun store, you must tell them to get on the floor, then proceed to steal money from the people inside, you may only shoot if they run off or call the cops. 3.04 You may only take 10k off someone if you raid a shop. (Gun store or roleplay store) 3.05 You can only be inside a base you have raided for 15 mins. 3.06 You're not allowed to build while raiding (only police are allowed to build while raiding you) 3.07 You must advert before making an action in roleplay, Mugging, Kidnapping, Raiding, carjack and so on, to advert do /ad 3.08 You may shoot through map walls. 3.09 You may only raid bank if you're able to actually take the money not just because you like to get your K/D up. 3.10 You may not kill-on-site if raiding bank. You must tell them to get on the floor, etc. Only if they pull out a gun to shoot you can KOS. Negotiate with cops about hostages. Advert example: "Everyone inside get on the floor! KOS guns out! This is a bank raid!" 3.11 No countering bank/checkpoint raid. 4. Mugging/Kidnapping/Carjacking/Hits Rules: 4.01 You can only mug if you're not in public find an ally way etc. 4.02 You can only mug for a max of 20k. 4.03 You can only kidnap someone if you're not in public, find an ally way etc. 4.04 You can only kidnap someone for 20 mins before eventually having to kill them, keeping them for longer you will be punished. 4.05 You can only ask for a ransom of 100k if you have someone kidnapped. 4.06 You can only ask for a max of 100k for a stolen car to be returned. 4.07 You may only carjack a vehicle if it's not in use. 5. Abbreviations: You will see these a lot around the server OOC - Out Of Character NLR - New Life Rule IC - In Character RDM - Random Death Match FDA - Fading Door Abuse RDA - Random Arrest Meta - Metagaming Mod - Moderator Admin - Administrator SA - Super Admin HA - Head Admin CM - Community Manager LTAP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment RP - Role-Play IRL - In Real Life 6. Job Rules: - Good - (Cannot raid. Does not apply to cops who counter) Job: Citizen - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: Pistol ONLY - Can Base? : Yes Pots&Printers?: No Job: Security Guard - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base? : Yes (Gun Shop, DJ, Mayor) Pots & Printers?: No Job: Mayor - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: Pistol/Shotgun - Can Base/ Pots&Printers? : No Job: Police Commander - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: No Job: Police Officer - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: No Job: Police Sniper - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: No Job: Police Medic - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: No Job: DJ - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: Pistols ONLY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: No Job: Paramedic - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: Pistols ONLY- Can Base?: Yes (inside hospital) Pots&Printers?: No Job: Mechanic - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: Pistol/Shotgun - Can Base?: Yes Pots&Printers?: No Job: Heavy Gun Dealer - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: Yes Job: Light Gun Dealer - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: Yes Job: Midget - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: Pistol ONLY - Can Base? : Yes Pots&Printers?: No - Bad - Job: Gangster - Can Mug/Kidnap?: Yes - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: Yes Job: Crook - Can Mug/Kidnap?: Yes - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: Yes Job: Skilled Crook - Can Mug/Kidnap?: Yes - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: Yes Job: Mob Boss - Can Mug/Kidnap?: Yes - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: Yes Job: Hitman - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: No Job: Meth/Cocaine Cook- Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: Pistol/Shotgun - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: Yes Job: Prostitute - Can Mug/Kidnap?: No - Guns Allowed?: Pistol ONLY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: No Job: Homeless - Can Mug/Kidnap?: Mug - Guns Allowed?: Pistol ONLY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: No Job: Mob Boss - Can Mug/Kidnap?: Yes - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: Yes Job: Hacker - Can Mug/Kidnap?: Yes - Guns Allowed?: ANY - Can Base/ Pots&Printers?: Yes NOTE: Gun Dealers are allowed to base with anyone but must be able to sell guns.
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    Elysian Gaming CFG Files for Binds/Rules and Job Rules I've made some .CFG Files for ElysianGaming. Binds. I've made one special .CFG File for Elysian gaming with all the binds in there. Mug Raid Raid Over Kidnap Warn/2/3 Counter False PD/Bank raid Invholster 1 Button Advert For the .CFG file click Here To enable them or see the bindings do exec EGDarkRP In the console Rules This .CFG File is especially good for when you're in an admin sit or if you're a staff yourself It's Easy to use Same Rules as on the forums Instant Display Saves Time in a sit Decrease the chance of getting a not false warn For the CFG file click Here To display the rules do exec EGRules In the console Job Rules Same as the rules .CFG but then for the Job Rules. For the CFG file click Here To display the rules do exec EGLR n the console I Enabling console Open options Scroll down to toggle console at the bottom Change it to whatever button you like. Then go to advanced and enable developer console For an installation video for the .CFG files click Here Note: You don't need to add it to your Launch options enabling once is enough Note: If anything is typed wrong or needs to be edited. Post it in commands I hope this is useful for many people. If any other .CFG is needed, contact me.
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    Saying something like 'Fine, warn me' could be mistaken for a confession. Have you disrespected him? What have you told him during the sit?
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    This is the map of the current map we have. It has all the locations on it and such.
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    Denied Not sufficient evidence, plus ban should be over soon
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    Denied You can't just MRDM, then be banned permanently, and decide 3-4 months later that you want to come back. Even if you don't remember MRDMing, who's to say it wont happen again if you are unbanned. This is an appropriate punishment for breaking the rules as you did, it's not hasty at all.
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    Name: Monie<3 Previous Rank?: Admin Reason for demotion?: Minige and acts higher up then i was, don't help mods Who demoted you?: Brents Why should you be accepted back?: because i dident do anything wrong, i dident acts higher, and i never Minge, I helped Mods that needed help ingame and i trained them to. I dident do something wrong as my admin rank i was trying to be active because i work on the airport and same time i have school. (i cant play all day)
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    In game name - EG Cammy (EG stands for Elysian Gaming) Time in game - 01w 5d Timezone - GMT (UK) How old are you? - 17 Why do you want to be in DS? I would like to join DS to help fellow members of the gang, assist in raiding, helping them in combat and overall just show a good reputation for the gang and get the DS out there so everyone knows. DS have a good friendly members in the gang and I would like to add to that and gain respect. Thank you.
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    This Player was repeatedly a problem for us today. After came to my gun store and was standing in front of the door blocking it, he refused to leave stating that this is city property and he has a right to stand here. Timester then [Advert] warn 1/2/3 four times and proceeded to kill him as he was the security for my gun store. The player then broke nlr stating nlr dose not apply for rdm. " which it was not a rdm" Then RTSetla started telling ✯ GOLD Capt. Skyrum ✯ to leave our property for he was trespassing. Which was not instructed by Tim nor I who had the base. Then he rda ✯ GOLD Capt. Skyrum ✯ without any adverts. Timster then Starts the sit with RTSetla and tells him that it was a rda. The player started to arguing with Tim (which he dose on several occasions with Tim and I) saying its not rda. He received a warning for this along with many more warns with the time on the server until he was eventually banned for 2 Days. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/861732315870792298/47AE27740A7E7AE0BD069ADDAE857A4491BE1F8D/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/861732315870832305/D8490165BF46B86D74B9B1E0098F8DFAF25D52A4/
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    You mention that you didn't crash the server by however it was your intention? If you loved the server why would you even attempt to harm it in any kind of way. Here's your free ticket to civil gamers, this appeal will be denied due to intentionally crashing and harming the server.
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    As far as i see, your sit has been dealt with properly. Since Rope abusing is not allowed, your warn was legitimate aswell. Therefore your appeal will be denied.
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    Welcome,Ill show you how to trigger most of the players in the server. Step 1: Make A Box/Printer Holder Done? Good,Now Follow. Step 2: Search For This Prop In the "comic props" list. Now,Spawn one in And keep following the steps! Step 3:Follow The Screenshots Then Place it In the holder! Step 4:Stack The Pots,Don't use the phys gun to do this... You can place as many you want,You should have this Step 5: Close The Fading Door,Put it in a a popular place near bank,spawn etc (Optional) Step 6:Put A Textscreen And Hide A Secret Button (Optional) Props:10-20 (Depends on your holder and how many pots you place) Youre Done! Now Go Make me proud! -Flyyn Feel free to reply and tell me if it worked..
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    User has been demoted and banned. Extremely childish that a staff member would do this.
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    Accepted Good detail Active in game Need to live up to the SOD time you set Join the discord and message a Headadmin for interview https://discord.gg/JM4h5fC
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    This thread will be closed due to shittery
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    So, I was wondering what all the stats for the printers were and decided to do some tests and find out! I thought I would also let you guy know as well. Silver Printer: Cost: $5,000 Money per second: $12/s Time till money back: 416s (7 mins) With Cooler + Recharger Cost: 95k Time till money back: 7,916s (2 hours 10 mins) Gold Printer: Cost: $12,000 Money per second: $18/s Time till money back: 666s (11 mins) With Cooler + Recharger Cost: 102k Time till money back: 5,666s (1 hour 32 mins) Diamond Printer: Cost: $20,000 Money per second: $24/s Time till money back: 833s (13 mins) With Cooler + Recharger Cost: 110k Time till money back: 4585s (1 hour 16 mins) STEAM GROUP PRINTER: Platinum Printer: Cost: 30k Money per second: $32/s Time till money back: 937s (15 mins) With Cooler + Recharger Cost: 120k Time till money back: 3750s (1 hour 2 mins) VIP PRINTERS: Saphire Printer: Cost: $50,000 Money per second: $36/s Time till money back: 1388s (23 mins) With Cooler + Recharger Cost: 140k Time till money back: 3,888s (1 hour 6mins) Haven't got info for Crystal printer will get it ASAP Crystal Printer: Cost: $75,000 Money per second: 42$/s Time till money back: 1,700s (28 mins) With Cooler + Recharger Cost: $165,000 Time till money back: 3,900s (1 hour 5 mins) This is just some info I thought you guys might like.
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    Don't be mad cus a guy called Ned always beat you you in Yu-Gi-Oh
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    Name: Danny Previous Rank?: Head-Admin Reason for demotion?: Resigned, was some tention between the staff that that current time Who demoted you?: Dont know (Probably xtc or smt) Why should you be accepted back?:
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    +Support - Changed since got banned - Speak to him on a daily basis - Has matured and in my opinion deserves a second chance
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    For some wierd reason. Some of my text dissapeard.. lul.. anyhow if you feel the need for more info or whatnot tell me
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    Yo use the format while you can still edit the post I will post evidence aswell
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    Name: Hyfuhj ore ♛ Patchico General Hyfuhj ♛ Previous Rank?: Moderator Reason for demotion?: I resigned i needed a break from gmod Who demoted you?: I don't know. Why should you be accepted back?: I did my jobb, i was active on the server/forum/discord, and i know the rules and ulx. NOTE: I JOINED THE SERVER YEASTERDAY AND YOU GUYS FORGGOT TO REMOVE MY MODERATOR
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    Accepted Ban Was Miss Labeled
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    Tommy you was a good lad, not had any problem with you. I'm unaware of the zeo demoting you or at least remember it for that matter. You should probably reapply after all of this time. Thread locked.
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    So After Reviewing it from Admins who was with Ivan. You should have read the rules when you returned to ElysianGaming 8 Months will change a lot of rules Therefor im going to say Denied and Thread Closed
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    rekt also I was playing with you too @Tommy (lazy wanker)
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    + Support Never seen Minge, and he always helps out the new mods
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    The player in question 'sealio' interfered with someone that clearly had a building sign up and was very obviously moving props and setting up but despite this still decided to kill them (even if it was a hit) the player is in ooc and should not be included in any and all rp situations while building as it states here "2.03 Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign - they are out of roleplay." I did not take any screenshots as i was unaware that the player diss agreed as he was accepting during the sit so i did not feel the need to take screen shots as i thought it was a simple case and he had accepted the consequences.
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    @Slinkyy Evidence is needed so if you could put up evidence, please do.
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    Add atms that u can use better then going to bank to deposit money and place them everywhere like mall ,gas station ,bank ,places in city like near strip club , hospital anyone like idea
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    hello guys i disappeared for a bit because i started college and i had to focus the first couple of days
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    I don't think that this is possible, but i might be wrong. Warnings serve a documentary purpose, listing the amount of incidents we had with you, giving us a better idea about you.
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    And previous to this you were warned for breaking NLR.
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    Me saying I have an alt account doesn't actually mean I HAVE an alt account. I don't even know how lmao
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    ACCEPTED If I see you breaking multiple rules ,I am gonna ban you . Wait about 2-5 mins to be unbanned IG
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    Whoo, i really appreciate your work. I really like the way your skins look. With so many custom made skins i wonder how valve manages to pull the ugliest from the pool.
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    I'd rather like to see a Swat Job. Models are already included within CS:S, which would put pressure of the player with additional content. You could replace it with the Police Sniper and grant the Swat a machine gun and a sniper rifle, jobslots being limited to 4, with lets say at least 24 hours of playtime required. If you're especially cheeky, you could add a riot shield to them.
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    DeathRun Event 1.Info -You have only 2 lifes(If you touch the water you are dead/loosing 1 life) . -If nobody reach the Finish platform an second round will start with 3 lifes.If still nobody reach the finish platform the event will end without any winners. @PHANTOM will activate the traps in the event also are no colided props in the event so you need to be aware of this -The red props means Checkpoint -Total time -5:00 mins 2.RULES -You are not allowed to hold any guns -You are not allowed to propblock/mic spam/ -You are not allowed to kill/punch anyone -You are not allowed to RP in the event(Mug/kidnap/etc.) 3.Prizes -First place: $700,000 -Second place : $450,000 -Third place : $200,000 -Fourth place : $100,000
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    Name: Xylene Previous Rank?: HA Reason for demotion?: Resignation Who demoted you?: - Why should you be accepted back?: I had home issues that Brents was aware of, then I realised I wasn't really dedicating enough time to the server. But, after resigning I realised I don't want to leave yet. I still enjoy being a part of the community and helping you guys out. I can still only dedicate what I was before, being usually only playing once every other day. (I only play a short time one day out of the two and then much more the other.) I've been here for a good while now and put LOTS of time and effort in even when it wouldn't be expected of me such as holidays. It'd be a shame to "waste" all of that effort.
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    In-game name: 艾 DS Boss Music 艾 Age: 15 Do you meet the requirements to apply?: Yes. Steam community link or Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:117323699 Is this the first application you have made?: On this server, yes. (REQUIRED) Do you have a working microphone?: I do but I don't use it. Xtc said that this is fine. Have you joined our steam group? (show proof?): http://imgur.com/a/m0kLA Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?: No. How long have you been part ElysianGaming servers?: About a month or so. How many hours in-game do you have (screenshot): 4d 22h. --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1117062453 How many warns do you have?: 0. Do you know the rules?: Yes. Do you have any Garry's Mod staff experience?: Yes, I was staff on a server for 5-6 months before I had to resign due to exams. How many hours a day can you moderate the server?: I should be for atleast 3-4 hours a day but most of the time it will be higher than that. 10 hours most of the time. Why do you want to become a moderator for our server?: I want to moderate on Elysian because I really like the server and want to help to boost the community that much further. When I'm roleplaying, sometimes I see that there are no staff on (this rarely happens but sometimes). I would like to become a staff member so I can help make the server better by helping new members and punishing people who don't want to roleplay. What makes you different from others?: What makes me different from others is that I have experience in being a staff member. I'm very active so I can be on duty most of the time. I have dedicated alot of time into Elysian and will be even more active when I am a staff member so I can help the community as much as I can.
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    - Support You say you have 2 warns, you only explained one, why did you get the other? Has been banned. Been part of EG for 1/2 months but only has 3 days of play time. More detail please. Seen you on much beffore but lately you have not been wery active ingame. Good SOD time what servers were you HA/SA on?
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    + Amazing support! + No warns! + Always active and in game! Very friendly and definitely deserves a chance to be on the staff team! Especially when there is not one bad point about music! Wish you the best of luck music!
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    Name: Splinter Previous Rank?: Owner Reason for demotion?: Who demoted you?: Why should you be accepted back?: Returned and wanna help again in EG . Become part from staff team as mod . Im not really changed still same chill guy .