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  1. RDM accusation 10/06/2017

    Without evidence there is nothing that a staff member can do, when one party says something happened, and another says somthing else happened, the staff member cannot just pick a side.
  2. False warns

    As a key note for anyone dealing with a staff member that you think is doing their job incorrectly, try to get any kind of evidence that you can and speak with a higher staff member, do not continue to argue with the staff member because it could turn out bad for the both of you.
  3. Cocaine Mechanics

    The meth cook or even just weed pots, I think personally, are both easier and more profitable.
  4. A Suggestion.

    -support Just no... I dont even know why someone would create this.
  5. Coin Flips

    I havent made much for the sole reason of my bad luck... I've made probably around 1 million.