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  1. Accepted, Already dealt with.
  2. Accepted, Already been solved.
  3. Denied You were banned for 5 days, you have 3 left. You were also banned for a lot more than just those 2 reasons.
  4. Denied Not sufficient evidence, plus ban should be over soon
  5. Denied Please use the correct format.
  6. Denied You don't need to be brought into a sit if you are MRDMing...
  7. Denied You can't just MRDM, then be banned permanently, and decide 3-4 months later that you want to come back. Even if you don't remember MRDMing, who's to say it wont happen again if you are unbanned. This is an appropriate punishment for breaking the rules as you did, it's not hasty at all.
  8. Accepted -sufficient proof, player will be dealt with
  9. And previous to this you were warned for breaking NLR.
  10. -/+ Nuetral +I've seen him in game a lot +There was a situation with his friend, he explained to his friend what happened and what went wrong, and kept everyone calm. Good trait for staff BUT -Very little effort was put into this application -also you do not meet the age requirement
  11. -Support -lack of detail -I've never seen you in game ----side note, before you apply for staff try and get to know the community, especially try to converse with more than just 2 staff members
  13. Yes you can, especially when you are blacklisted from what you want to do.
  14. Blacklisted means you can't get it back...
  15. -Support Fam, you are Blacklisted from being staff.