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  1. I would like to include in this is that he has seen the proof and that is what he is making his choice off of
  2. There is some back story about me and why I don't have staff. Would like to be though
  3. @Zoom Please just wait for our community to comments and for a SA to reply for you decision to be made
  4. lol
  5. @Zoom Ok You were demoted for using staff powers off duty, plus there is a ban guide as I have it and you were banning people for reasons that they shouldn't be banned for. As I do not have evidence for this because I was doing other things at the time and looked over to my screen and saw that you banned someone for a reason that they shouldn't of been banned for, I also know that they do not have many active mentors but still I didn't really get a mentor at the time that I started mod it is that I fucked up and accepted and now you fucked up and that your sorry for it. Also it is that when a staff member gets multiple complaints that staff member only probably gets one more chance and if you get accepted don't fuck up again. This is the evidence that I have on you when you got demoted.
  6. I like this guy he cool he helped with da demotion of da Zoom guy


    I like you


  8. Don't mess with me
  9. Does anyone like Yu-Gi-Oh, if you do what cards you got
  11. Yo use the format while you can still edit the post I will post evidence aswell
  12. + SUPPORT
  13. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:88824176 Evidence (if any): What did you lose? How? A guy named marius or marios or something Time and Date at which this incident occurred: 9/16/17 Timezone: EST Have you read and do you agree with the Refund Rules? Yes You can see he shoot me before he had adverted anything and I and XTC would like a refund
  14. I am no longer a staff member for EG and so I cant see who banned you