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  1. Misleading rule?

    Alright, thanks
  2. Misleading rule?

    Ahh I see, thanks
  3. Misleading rule?

    Yes? That is 4 :P
  4. Spending money

    I think evocity2_v5p is a little to big for the server and the current map gets a little laggy when lot's of people are on currently. I think adding a bigger map would cause more lag on the server.
  5. Misleading rule?

    After reading the rules once more I came to realize that the rules say "The entrance to your base can have a maximum of three fading doors." (seen in rule 2.05). This made me think that I can have more then 3 fading doors in my base as long as they are away from my entrance and I had to confirm with an admin that this is not true. From what the admin (Ryder) told me you are only allowed 3 keypads maximum for the entire base. I think the rules here need to be slightly tweaked to make sure new players do not get confused by this. Also, does anyone think there should be more then 3 allowed? Personally I think it should be 4, but that's just me :P
  6. Spending money

    I think jets and helicopters wouldn't be right for this map, never mind an RP server xD
  7. Spending money

    I know, but there could be something added for money. Apart from cars and guns there is no real need/ use for money
  8. Spending money

    I've come to realize that after getting the car I wanted I don't have much use for money. I think adding the ability to buy masks, clothing or accessories would be a great feature to add.
  9. TDM Cars

    After playing the server for almost 24 hours playtime I have come to realize that the steering in the cars is pretty terrible. You cannot turn fast or precisely and you cannot have any full control over the vehicle. The car models themselves look great but the handling is some what trash. I think adding a new car mod to the server would allow people to enjoy this content much more and maybe even pull more people in
  10. I make CSGO Skins

    Dirty mate
  11. Logic

    Good song
  12. Favourite car


    GG WP HF
  14. RDM accusation 10/06/2017

    RDM is really bad, more staff need to be online at a time