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  1. Yes
  2. /me Hugs @NIGHTWALKERX99 again because someone decided to remove like 10 posts
  3. /me Hugs @Monie
  4. /me Hugs @⌠ Luvbread ⌡ /me Hugs @Flynn
  5. Shhh everything is allright now
  6. @Omni are you able to repair his time if this did happen?
  7. /me hugs Don't worry Walter I hug autistic people
  8. No problem, if you need me, contact me on discord or in game
  9. If you want a hug I'll give it to anyone but @Xtc he doesn't deserve it
  10. Don't be mad cus a guy called Ned always beat you you in Yu-Gi-Oh
  11. Probably go on discord to talk about it with an SA
  12. Please the nest time you see one of these call an admin so it's removed
  13. a fan club? more like, cringe club.
  14. Hello @CammyRS99 It's a bit weird that admins are letting KOS signs such as those pass by, can you maybe give the name of what staff member was doing this. Im sorry for this inconvenience.
  15. +/- Neutral It is true you didn't have an active mentor and that you are very new but you shouldn't just assume you can or cannot do something, Mentor is not the only one that are allowed to help you, you can ask anything to any staff and you weren't demoted just for noclipping off duty, I think you did something else.