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  1. The Resignation of Marius

    fuck you noone will miss you jk dont beat me dad
  2. Vape Dealer

    Don’t see how vapes will make new ways to raid 🤔
  3. Eco Reset

    No one gives a shit about your kids
  4. Eco Reset

  5. Eco Reset

    We should add fidget spinners for 100mill 😂😂
  6. Eco Reset

  7. Eco Reset

  8. Eco Reset

    I agree litteraly the only point in raiding is if they or in an enemy gang an eco reset would bring back reasons to raid
  9. Eco Reset

    Becasue every time I am on there’s allways kids with more money than me showing off and pissing people off
  10. Eco Reset

    And it would give all the poor people a chance
  11. Eco Reset

    Nah it would be funny to see all the kids on the server crying.
  12. Eco Reset

    This makes me want it even more
  13. Eco Reset

  14. Eco Reset

    And target did fuck up the economy by giving out millions to loads of people
  15. Eco Reset

    The only reason he is making this is because he lost all his money but I lost mine aswell so +support