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  1. Hi

  2. Heisenberg's Farewell

    Dont mind control me till i finish my exams please xo, then go ahead bhahah
  3. Heisenberg's Farewell

    Much love boys
  4. Hacker (slight) buff

    Yes please papa
  5. Who abused the most?

    Theres a difference between leaving and resigning, no need to state it unless you want bragging rights lol
  6. Who abused the most?

    Not something to be proud of kiddo...
  7. Heisenberg's Farewell

    house party at my house, come, l0ts of alcohlos and girlsssss!11!!!!1!
  8. Heisenberg's Farewell

    Feeling the love ahaha, will be around so dont think you've got rid of me this easily
  9. Heisenberg's Farewell

    Been wanting to do this for a while but been busy as fuck, after 5 months i'm finally resigning lmao, spent too much time looking after u kiddie winks and honestly dont have the time and patience to deal with the gmod community and staff, lots of fucking idiots in this staff team but a couple goodies, been a good ride homeboys. Lots of love xox
  10. MRDM

    Looking into it
  11. Hospital: Health & Armor Guide

    No reps for u
  12. im actually back now :D

    Howdy fella
  13. Whomst

    Anyone here used to play on KDGaming back in the day?
  14. Gun Dealer: Info Sheet

    Reviving old posts is lit
  15. Suggestion for the forum when you apply for staff

    I personally dont mind the age of the applyer as long as their mature, if they’re obviously younger than 14 but very mature and know how to do their shit then thats fine with me, i know more than 3 people in the staff team rn who are younger than 14 but they do their job right.