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  1. pls no
  2. Omni to the rescue
  3. *squeel*
  4. Player has been banned
  5. Also could you make another post on here : : and fill in as much of the info as you can so I can sort it out
  6. Alright, will see if I can find his steam ID and perma ban him, sorry for this inconvenience.
  7. *Autistic Screeching*
  8. Racism
  9. saucy
  10. I did not demote you, starlight did. You were caught using staff powers off duty and told that you are not allowed to do so, a mere day later you are caught again using staff powers off duty, obviously ignoring everything that you were told not to do. Do not blame it on not having an active mentor, Jerry is very active I see him everyday and also there is a staff handbook and plenty of information and other staff members to help you out if you are confused about certain rules and conditions of being a staff member..
  11. Denied, ur wheels will be ours forever!!
  12. *Loses all hope in mankind*
  13. Zoom has been removed from staff team due to video shown above.
  14. Denied, insufficient evidence and the staff member which banned you claims that you did indeed leave the server to avoid a raid.