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  1. Hasta luego papi chulo
  2. I think it would be useful to have a jail command that returns the player after their jail time has ended so that we do not have to keep checking up on the player or sitting there, waiting for them to be unjailed, just to return them. Not saying it is necessary, but it would make the mods' job easier. I also think it would be a great idea to add a way to give tokens to other players because as it is right now, all you can buy are accessories and as you play more and more, you see less of a use for them or you've bought all the ones you like and then you're stuck with a bunch of tokens and no use for them. I think adding a "gift token" command or adding a menu to the accessories to gift tokens would be a great addition to the server. Thank you for your consideration. -Jerree
  3. I appreciate the feedback
  4. Thanks!
  5. In-game name: Steam name: Jerry RPname: Jerree (I also went by Boneless Jerry for a bit) Age: 15 Do you meet the requirements to apply?: Yes Steam community link or Steam ID: Is this the first application you have made?: Yes (REQUIRED) Do you have a working microphone?: Yes Have you joined our Steam group? (show proof?): Yes View screenshot here Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?: One ban that was accidental (meant for someone else, I was unbanned shortly after) How long have you been part ElysianGaming servers?: Almost a month How many hours in-game do you have (screenshot): 1w 5h View screenshot here How many warns do you have?: 4 (none of which are active and I have since learned from my mistakes) Do you know the rules?: Yes Do you have any Garry's Mod staff experience?: I was Admin for about 5 months on a jailbreak server called Infamous Jailbreak that has since been shut down. You can view the Steam Group and the server's old forums for proof. (I went by Your Toilet at the time). I was also an Admin on a TTT server called Newlife TTT. You can view the steam group here How many hours a day can you moderate the server?: I will be able to moderate the server for a minimum of 1-2 hours every day. Some days I will be able to moderate for up to 8 hours. Why do you want to become a moderator for our server?: The majority of the time that I am online, there is little to no staff on. Because of the low amount of staff, the requests coming in are not able to be handled in an ideal amount time. I would like to become a Moderator to help resolve this issue and lower the amount of rule breakers. I also enjoy the server quite a bit and I would like to make the experience just as enjoyable for others by punishing those who do not follow the rules. What makes you different from others?: I am an overall positive person and I think I can handle situations calmly. I also have past experience as a staff member which would help when being staff on this server because I am very familiar with ULX. I love helping others and resolving problems on the server. I would like to help make the server an overall better and more enjoyable place.