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  1. Hello,I would like to "resign" or something like this because I am gonna start the school on Monday and for me is an important year (I really need to study ) .Gonna miss you guys.
  2. My favorite staff

    Really nigga?!
  3. Add atms

    sounds "gud"
  4. Good Bye

    cya later *CG jokes are too overused now* :(
  5. Map for all newbies.

    Its from google first image I think :/ xD
  6. DeathRun-EVENT

    DeathRun Event 1.Info -You have only 2 lifes(If you touch the water you are dead/loosing 1 life) . -If nobody reach the Finish platform an second round will start with 3 lifes.If still nobody reach the finish platform the event will end without any winners. @PHANTOM will activate the traps in the event also are no colided props in the event so you need to be aware of this -The red props means Checkpoint -Total time -5:00 mins 2.RULES -You are not allowed to hold any guns -You are not allowed to propblock/mic spam/ -You are not allowed to kill/punch anyone -You are not allowed to RP in the event(Mug/kidnap/etc.) 3.Prizes -First place: $700,000 -Second place : $450,000 -Third place : $200,000 -Fourth place : $100,000
  7. csgo Case

    hell no
  8. Im Leaving

    I can't believe you done this
  9. Death match event

    1. Info: ->In the event are 3 rounds : -First round : Machete -Second round: Pistol -Third round : SMG ->You will be selected in a team randomly (Red or Blue ) and you will need to join in the party (Blue team or red team party / !party ) .If you are not in the party you will be kicked from the event ! ->Someone will spawn shipments of machetes/pistols/smgs before we will start every round so you will need to be fast to get the shipment ->The event is on 18.08.2017 at 20:00 UTC (Friday | UK time zone) 2.Rules: ->You are not allowed to use your own guns ->You are not allowed to mic spam ->You are not allowed to propblock/propspam ->You are not allowed to sit abuse ->You are not allowed to RP in the event ->!Since you decided to join in the event you cannot be returned untill it is over ! ->!If you don't respect the rules or the indications from the staff members you will be kicked from the event! ->!If you keep breaking the rules from the event you will be blacklisted to join in the next events ! 3.Prizes: -First place : $1,500,000 -Second place : $1,000,000 -Third place : $500,000 -Fourth place : $250,000 *3 Rounds=3 prizes Event created by @Mrbam and @PHANTOM
  10. ♛ TC Mafia ♛

    Ingame Name: PHANTOM Age:16 Why would you like to join TC Mafia?: I would like to join TC Mafia because are a lot of guys in here that I like and maybe I will raid with them and basing with them and the actual members from the mafia knows how to hold an pistol and to shoot with it :)) What unique qualities could you bring to TC?: Well I was roleplaying on Semi-serios and serios DARKRP servers so I kinda know how to RP also I know to build good bases/drive Tell us a bit about yourself: I started to play a lot GMOD when elysianGaming came up (not joking lol) idk what I can tell about my self here ...
  11. Weed Pots

    Sounds cool +SUPPORT
  12. Hide&Seek Event-Info

    @DrDanneboy There will be 12 ways to win the prize : 6 ways of hard parkour and 6 ways of smart ways(for example there will be fadding door and you need to put the correct code to enter in the next tunnel/way ex 18x18= ? and then you need to put the code to pass )
  13. Hide&Seek Event-Info

    1.Rules -Do not hide in trees-> -Do not prop block -Do not shoot/punch other players -Do not own any guns/knifes on you -Do not sit abuse -Do not mic spam 2.Info -You need to hide in 15 seconds until the seeker will come to "kill" -The seeker is @Flynn(staff member) and he will use an knife to kill -Last 4 players will win the prizes 3.Prizes -FIRST PLACE: $900,000 -SECOND PLACE : $750,000 -THIRD PLACE : $550,00 -FOURTH PLACE : $350,000 THE EVENT IS ON 8/11/2017 at 20:00 UTC (Friday | UK time zone ) ALL PERMISSIONS ARE FROM @Snapzz TO MAKE THE EVENT! ALL PRIZES CAN BE TAKE FROM PHANTOM
  14. New cars

    +SUPPORT FOR THE MASERATI one of my fav cars!!!