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  1. Hello,I would like to "resign" or something like this because I am gonna start the school on Monday and for me is an important year (I really need to study ) .Gonna miss you guys.
  2. Really nigga?!
  3. Put more info at "WHY were you banned/Why should we unban you ?What law was it then?If you dont put I am just gonna deny it cause are not details on your ban appeal
  4. DENIED I don't want to give another chance to a massrdmer,if you liked the server you should knew how to make an decent RP
  5. DENIED No evidence
  6. rekt also I was playing with you too @Tommy (lazy wanker)
  7. cause he's noob :3
  8. +SUPPORT I saw you as sod everytime and helping the players,also you was learning mods how to bind things and to read the handbooks
  9. DENIED Offensive posts /Permabanned
  10. DENIED Use the correct format
  11. ACCEPTED Please wait about 2-5mins to be unbanned on Discord
  12. DENIED Lying is not accepted
  13. ...
  14. DENIED I talked with Splmute and he told me that you was disrespecting and not rping . Please pm me if you have anything to say about this(Discord/Forums)
  15. sounds "gud"