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  1. Correction I lost 4m
  2. So i was flipping my friend for a 2m flip after i won the flip i directly put it in my bank. in my bank i currently have 2 million and i did not buy or flip over 1m after that. Please give me a refunD!!
  3. Your in-game name?: Impulsive The staff member you're reporting?: Xtc Time of the incident (dd/mm/yy)?: July 21, 2017 Who was involved?: 420, Xtc, Impulsive (me), Karl Marx What happened? (More detail will help): I was Building in the parking lot of downtown motors and 420 (Player)(Meth Cook) Walked by and started talking to my partner Karl Marx(Player) so i decided to kill him causes i needed my partner to help with our base (There was a building sign) after i killed 420 Xtc was there at the time (Off Duty) he gets out of his car and says "you cant kill him because you did not advert warn him 3 times although he says all admins state that you have to advert even when building it is not stated in the Building rules but he continued to warn me anyway so i am reporting this because i believe it would be false warn and even when i talked to him later about and asked him to remove my warn after i steded that there was no rule saying that you had to advert warn. Evidence (if possible)?: I am not clear on any evidence that would make sense in my mind.