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  1. I love hugs aswell.
  2. Accepted back as Administrator.
  3. I'd be for putting you as Administrator for now. How does that sound?
  4. Nowhere in the Carjacking Rules does it states that you are permitted to KOS a whole area just because you call a carjack. Therefor, killing me without being a threat towards you (I was tabbed out) is considered RDM. // Edit: Same goes for Raiding a house, btw. You cant simply shoot everyone in the area / whos passing by. Case closed due to noone reaching out to me correcting me.
  5. Denied to to unfitting format and lack of proof.
  6. You cannot "Suggest" to remove someone off the team. Moved to the "Report a Staffmember" Section. Please fill the format, or else your report will be denied.
  7. Was a nice time with you. :C See you!
  8. The Moderator will be told not to do so in the future. Further steps are denied due to the minority of this case.
  9. Warns as punishment should only be given out after a sit, to prevent confusion. Your warn will be removed. I'll have a chat with berzek.
  10. You cannot arrest fellow Officers (Sevents) of the government. That would be FailRp. For the RDM: Simply saying that someone has no evidence doesn't make the warn invalid. The staff member himself is evidence. Recording and proving everything we warn or do is impractical.
  11. Sad to hear that youre laving. See you again!
  12. Calm down there. There's no need to such sharp words. Oh and welcome back Scoob
  13. Some months now. Also, for example if you withdraw at another banks atm.
  14. I don't think that this is possible, but i might be wrong. Warnings serve a documentary purpose, listing the amount of incidents we had with you, giving us a better idea about you.
  15. Saying something like 'Fine, warn me' could be mistaken for a confession. Have you disrespected him? What have you told him during the sit?