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  1. I understand why you might think that but you can ask any of them, I didn't ask them to view it/or to comment on it. I've seen Walter and Puncake comment on many applications before.
  2. In-game name: 艾 DS Boss Music 艾 Age: 15 Do you meet the requirements to apply?: Yes. Steam community link or Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:117323699 Is this the first application you have made?: On this server, yes. (REQUIRED) Do you have a working microphone?: I do but I don't use it. Xtc said that this is fine. Have you joined our steam group? (show proof?): Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?: No. How long have you been part ElysianGaming servers?: About a month or so. How many hours in-game do you have (screenshot): 4d 22h. --> How many warns do you have?: 0. Do you know the rules?: Yes. Do you have any Garry's Mod staff experience?: Yes, I was staff on a server for 5-6 months before I had to resign due to exams. How many hours a day can you moderate the server?: I should be for atleast 3-4 hours a day but most of the time it will be higher than that. 10 hours most of the time. Why do you want to become a moderator for our server?: I want to moderate on Elysian because I really like the server and want to help to boost the community that much further. When I'm roleplaying, sometimes I see that there are no staff on (this rarely happens but sometimes). I would like to become a staff member so I can help make the server better by helping new members and punishing people who don't want to roleplay. What makes you different from others?: What makes me different from others is that I have experience in being a staff member. I'm very active so I can be on duty most of the time. I have dedicated alot of time into Elysian and will be even more active when I am a staff member so I can help the community as much as I can.