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  1. Your in-game name?: ✯KS General ♚ Amin Yashed ✯ The staff member you're reporting?: luvbread Time of the incident (dd/mm/yy)?: today 10 mins ago Who was involved?: me luv and some whitnesses What happened? (More detail will help):i seen a nice car and adverted Nice Car, Fuck The Piggs (carjack KOS =Near KOS = Owner) and killed luv and some one else then he takes me to a sit then warns me for rdm then returns me Evidence (if possible)?:
  2. Your in-game name?: ✯ KS General ♚ Amin Yashed ✯ The player you're reporting?: MrCowCryer The players Steamid?:STEAM_0:1:112718827 Time of the incident (dd/mm/yy)?: today 10 mins ago Who was involved?: me 艾 DS Private MosT 艾 ✯ KS Overlord ☭ Lord Revan Jr ✯ and some other people What happened? (More detail will help): he massrdmed Evidence (if possible)?:
  3. - support No Evidence
  4. - support tom didnt warn alfie for rming revan https://gyazo.com/66c0c706cc732fdf028b1b4c69575435
  5. @Alexei when you warn some one eg... "/advert warn 1/2/3" you haft to say or type go away
  6. - support your ment to say thought your mic or if you dont have one type Go Away
  7. -support you are a great abuser!
  8. DS

    In game name - amin yashed Timezone - Greenwich Mean Time Zone UTC+00:00 How old are you? - 12 Why do you want to be in DS? to show the clan good, defend bases, raid, make the clan bigger, show my skills and have some fun!
  9. and why would i minge if i had vip and has 2 weeks and 1 day then? @Xylene
  10. cj and some one else was there
  11. yes you did
  12. Well if you had some common sence you would think why i did it the reason is becuse i didnt want my friend to get jelous ffs so what were you thinking
  13. -Support interuped my sit and saying that I lost my verginaty Im fucking 12 how would i
  14. Your in-game name?: Durv When were you banned?: today Why were you banned?: minge How long was your ban? perm Who banned you?:xylene What is your steam id?:STEAM_0:1:117988589 Why should we unban you?:becsue i wanted to be banned for 4 days Evidence?:
  15. Yep you banned brents and then were saying rude things banning him multiple times