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  1. I just remembered another excuse of his for why he couldn't warn others. The reason was that he can't see who is spamming ropes even though he is DIRECTLY staring at the people doing it.
  2. NYMafia Echo | Report *PROOF* PROOF: I've had problems with Echo being bias previously so that is the reason I have followed through with the report for this situation, but I won't talk about the first occurrence as it was slightly understandable. Basically, it was 23:00 and there was approximately 10 users online having a bit of fun. I was i a car meet with some KS and NYMafia members and Echo and Bezerck were on duty. I 100% agree and believe I should have gotten warned for drawing images with the rope tool (rope spamming). However it came to my attention that some NYMafia and KS members also proceeded to rope spam after I got warned. Echo was fully aware of his "mates" rope spamming (as seen on the video proof) but he ignores it, this therefore clearly shows he is bias. His excuse for not warning them is because I have 2 weeks and should have read all the rules but shouldn't every one read the rules? Also I may have two weeks but Pablo (rope spamming in the video) has 1 week which is still a large amount of time. Another excuse he pulled out the bag was that he told Pablo to stop and he did as he was told, my response to this is that he never told me to stop, but warned me straight up (as seen in the video). He had some more excuses that were proved otherwise from the video but I can't remember them. Either way I did break a rule but it was late, barely anyone was on and I was just trying to have some fun and get a laugh. Regards, S8
  3. ban appeal

    Your in-game name?: S8 When were you banned?: N/A Why were you banned?: Attempting to sell in game currency for real life currency. How long was your ban? Permanent. Who banned you?: Omni What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:69249336 Why should we unban you?: It's been quite some time since my ban, I fully understand that I was in the wrong and totally agree with the ban length. I believe it has been 1-2 months since the incident and I have been informed that you consider unbanning players who have been banned quite some time ago. However, I do believe the ban was slightly unfair as at the time of the incident, the "rule" I broke wasn't a rule. The rule got added after I got banned. I do not have evidence of this as my previous ban appeal (which contained evidence) has most likely been deleted. Evidence?: It's been quite sometime since the incident so there really is no evidence, unless my previous ban appeal was archived. I totally respect you're decision upon leaving me banned, however it was worth a try. Thank you in advance, feel free to ask questions. Regards, S8