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  1. problam when joining

    Steam ID?
  2. Tokens For Money

    And introduce more money into the economy? No thanks. We're trying to improve the economy, not fuck it up even more.
  3. Several Suggestions

    i don't see why gangsters and crooks should have equal items. a gangster's primary job is not to lockpick doors, unlike the crook. giving them both the same items just makes them one in the same job, except with different playermodels.
  4. Bitminers

    as it stands, we have a lot of methods of making money. we could possibly remove one of the methods we have at the moment to make space for bitminers
  5. Am I The First One?

    why the hell
  6. HeY gUyS BeZerCK hErE

    ok then
  7. freestylah

    ok what is the unique steam identification for the account of the 'freestylah a reformed player today'
  8. freestylah

    hello who is freestylah a reformed player today
  9. VIP++

    shoot some actual ideas our way and maybe we can consider. 'ADD MORE VIP JOBS PLEZ' isn't doing much
  10. freestylah

    hello who are you today