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  1. Can't connect to server

    You were blacklisted for cheating, more specifically, using HL Scripts.
  2. Vip ++?

    Message a higher up in the Discord privately, they'll get this sorted for you.
  3. Heisenberg cant punish me now

    i can see why he'd want to punish an immature fuck
  4. Props Limit suggestion.

    We're doing that already https://elysiangaming.co.uk/donate/store.php?page=packages&id=1
  5. Props Limit suggestion.

    what's your point? that doesn't mean the server still won't lag. he's requesting 20-50 more props to each player's prop limit, that is going to impact the server a hell of a lot.
  6. Props Limit suggestion.

    more props = more lag. be creative with your prop placement and i'm sure you'll get by with your 50 or so prop limit. bases are already cancerous and overpowered enough, so no thanks
  7. bring back car collisions (CDM)

    I polled this a while ago on the server, the majority voted they dislike CDM and they didn't want it back. I'm willing to do another poll but I doubt there will be a change in result.
  8. Coin Flip Reward Tax

    Yeah, it's just me currently. Thanks for the constructive feedback too.
  9. Coin Flip Reward Tax

    Ah okay, so we just let the economy rot? Of course everyone dislikes tax, because everyone is fucking greedy and wants to keep as much money as they can. Letting that happen will just kill the economy.
  10. Was scammed. Require refund.

    Do you remember the name of the player who scammed you?
  11. Coin Flip Reward Tax

    A tax has been introduced into coin flips. When a user wins a coin flip, 5% of the total money that they will be rewarded will be deducted. Therefore if you win a coin flip for $1,000,000, it will be taxed for $50,000. We have decided to do this because the economy on the server is not as enjoyable to play in as it used to be. Money has lost it's value over time and it will carry on doing so if no action is taken, eventually leading to the death of the economy on the server. Doing this shall hopefully better the economy and make it more playable & enjoyable for everyone. (effective now)
  12. My Lost Bank Money >$300m - Refund Request

    Your money was temporarily removed due to inactivity. It has been refunded to your bank account, in-game.
  13. Cheerios Car loss

    Yes, so back to my original question, when did it disappear? (again)
  14. Cheerios Car loss

    Yes. You put the post of the refund into your initial post, so you were refunded for that.
  15. Cheerios Car loss

    It shouldn't have disappeared again. When did it disappear?

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