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  1. You'll be unbanned soon. The ban from before seems to have reverted, I'll fix it when I get home.
  2. ill give you like 50m back lad
  3. I'll see once I get home
  4. Done. You'll be able to connect after the next server restart.
  5. ban appeal

    You've been unbanned but you won't be able to connect until the server restarts.
  6. It's been fixed
  7. maybe!
  8. Post suggestions in the suggestions section for a chance of it being polled in the future! Closes 27th
  9. If you've received the tokens, you've also received the money. Have you checked your in-game bank?
  10. Sorted.
  11. Bump. More stuff fixed n shiz
  12. Lots of optimizations FPS boost menu (!fps) Clean up disallowed tools from the menu & remove Poser category Awarn auto ban at warning threshold Prevent users from creating more than one flip at a time Fix VIP ranks not being given Re-add DJ kit and job back to replace the old one Discord wall widget at spawn NLR Timer at the top of the screen when u die Patch no-collide car exploit being abused to raid bases Remove world glow and glow from colour tool. No more one way props Fix bank transfer logging 5 hour time to use rope tool to prevent rope spamming External addon updates More props in the bank to make raiding easier More optimizations Replace CAC for better performance Filter out spammy car errors from the console Automatic data backups EDIT: Minor update in order to fix some things that came with the 2.2 update Fixed anticheat false detection & lag being being produced from it Fix anticheat logging Order the DJ job correctly in the tab menu (was above SOD) Fix errors being produced by the coin flips Increase limit of DJ's from 2 to 4 EDIT 2: More changes and fixes for this update Strange delay before collecting weed has been fixed Fix weed plants skipping a stage when they are refilled Not being able to re-enable HUD/Accessories has been fixed Prevent coin flips and elite party spitting errors when a player disconnects when their menus are open Stop DJ addon from spitting sound fade errors
  13. Could you please (re)connect to the server and check if your VIP rank has returned. If it hasn't, please reply to this thread with your Steam ID.
  14. Hi. 'muricans are scarce around here.
  15. Hi randy