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  1. Oh well im dumb...
  2. Sorry omni I like Brents more than you.... please dont demote me...?? -Purple < 3 go @Omni. Go easy on me
  3. @Brents Hmmm Brents sorry u are best now are we cool?... xD favorite staff (i do this cuz im bored and i want) Owner - Brents (Is as strong as a bulldog)
  4. @Brentsis best staff dah... JK
  5. first off if ur name isint here live with it! favorite staff (i do this cuz im bored and i want) Owner - Brents (As strong as a bulldog) Have Mercy Brents... Sa - luvbread. (Anime pic on forums Deal with it @Xtc) HA - Flynn ( cool unturned dude) Admin - SlammerCow (Been ur follower since u got staff ) Mod - Music (Paid me too) LAST IM KIDDING ...
  6. I meant +Support
  7. I cant really see the killls but ill trust u -support
  8. Mrbam Pro Poster Members 35 269 posts Posted 17 hours ago · Report post you leave for that just a stupid reason you can just tell us you like CG is ok bro we all love something bad Its True Leaving For that is soo stupid and i was Dumb Of me Thanks Mrbam
  9. I`ve Decided that i will leave the server for maybe 2 weeks and then join back Its Because The New Changes Are in i Personally dont like them Most the 1way prop thing I want to say Good Bye to all That Knows me and See ya in 2 Weeks Maybe
  10. - support Lack of detail. Never seen ingame dont know anything about you if you ar ready for staff team or not. Rushed application.
  11. i know but i`ve read them and like the fail base i have it in a paper next to me
  12. -/+ Neutral -Has 1 ban + 0 Warns +Seems To Help out much -Lack Of detail i Belive that u would be a great Staff member if u Have more detail
  13. staffaplication

    -Support -seen in-game once -No detail -Looks Rushed -1ban Warns unknown please do !warn in-game to see I think that if U would do more detail then u will be a good Staff member
  14. thx all
  15. Ty Xylene