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  1. Jynx Hentai Story

  2. Purple

    miss ya all too
  3. Purple

    as u see i havent been on the server a bit since i got tired of it. Well im sure ill come back someday but from now on u wont see me on the server..... but u havent seen me in 2 weeks eatehr but still Goodbye ill miss alot of people but most importantly @Jynx Awesome Dude , Weaboo , Was Mentor , Just awesome @lewez Really really hard to have a conversation with you but still fun the times i got one xD @Ivan402 U where always nice Ill miss you all :C
  4. The Resignation of Marius

    im gonna miss you alot! :C
  5. Need !unbox command

    Support @lewez
  6. Heisenberg's Farewell

  7. Heisenberg's Farewell

    Ill Miss you u were a great guy! @WalterHeisenberg
  8. Hey im back and i hope that u guys are glad
  9. How is it like being a

  10. Pet Job.

    +support Great idea
  11. Server Suggestions

    Ye whis sounds alot like Hyplex but xD i am in favor vip`s should get more stuff
  12. ingame name: PurpleYeti75 How old are you? 14 How long have you been on the server (playtime). 6Day 17H What other gangs have you been in on the server if any.NYMafia And DS Steam id or link :http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198365401419/ Do you have a working microphone? Yes When will you be active?Yes im active almost the whole day but not when im with a friend What timezone are you in? UTC +1 Why do you want you join our gang? Ds Is Dieng and now its just boring i want a Gang To Raid And base With Why should we choose you? I have A lot of expierence with gangs and i think i would be good to help on the gang
  13. Hello yall

  14. My favorite staff

    Oh well im dumb...
  15. My favorite staff

    Sorry omni I like Brents more than you.... please dont demote me...?? -Purple < 3 go @Omni. Go easy on me