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  1. Heisenberg's Farewell

    Don’t leave!!!!!! Well I guess you don’t care anyway lol. I’ll miss you anyway #RIPHeisenburg
  2. The Shadow Elite Gang Sign-Up

    because of the new forums it shows as nothing, its white text so Im going to fix it now
  3. I was false warned

    +Support I did accidentally warn him. I meant to warn someone named undead but typed unknown so he got warned.
  4. ban(not meant to be app)

    John, I banned you. Let me explain to everyone who's reading this. he built in-front of am/pm where lukemaster had owned the doors. The parking lot of the am/pm would be his property then. Therefore, if he didn't ask permission it is fail. I banned him because he staff dissed saying "fuck you" and other things. Then he told me im a bad admin and "YOU SHOULD READ THE RULES". I see why you were banned now. Immature.
  5. ban(not meant to be app)

    It wasn't deleted, it was moved to solved. Open your eyes man.
  6. No-Colide Players

    This will bring more mingery and ruin the roleplay. What if your in a night club and someone is walking through? That's an example but yeah. No.
  7. Resignation.

  8. Unban from Discord

    On fourms or on discord, your name was nigwalker once
  9. MRDM

    Ok, I'm going to try to make this short and sweet. Everyday at around 9PM EST which is very late in england, many minges get on. Almost everyday at the exact same time there are either Fail gang wars, Communism wars, ect. Change needs to happen, and fast. We need a system to prevent even if it's assigning hours to certain staff who are active at that time (like me). I would love teamwork because as I have found, it's hard to control a crowd of 20 people yelling communism shit and i'd rather not do !jail *. If Something could change let's make it happen. I don't think any Moderator, or any rank in-fact should have to ban more than 2 people permanently a day. Today, I have banned at least 10 people permanently for the reason (I legit could copy + paste this) MRDM|LTAP|EXTEND PERMA|APPEAL ON FOURMS|. Does anyone think that's a problem? Thank you for reading my little rant. Please no off-topic discussions as this is serious. If you disagree with anything I have said, please say it respectfully as we don't want to offend anyone kappa. Just be nice in the reply's!
  10. Also I'm pretty sure if this happens only new user wouldn't know about it. Plus they don't care, if you do the job right it doesn't matter. They know people will lie. They would ask for proof if they didn't
  11. Discord

    yeah its been going down a while now, the red's our days they had major outages, https://status.discordapp.com/
  12. Hoppkins Intro

    you can never be too late for kindness.
  13. Discord

    on discord?
  14. Discord

    How do you feel about the current discord outage?
  15. VIP+ Hasn't been recieved

    He said he hasn't had a fourm account before, How did he buy VIP Then?

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