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  1. BITMINERS 2 <3

    Massive + Support May increase server lag but would be an excellent addition to the server. Nice suggestion Jynx bby.
  2. Heisenberg's Farewell

    Damn man can't believe you are leaving, you brought me up in this community ma man, I do hope you decide to come back, thank you for everything, good luck ma g.
  3. Resignation.

    Is it sad to see you re-sign Terry, best of luck, came as a suprise bro never expected this.
  4. Ham Intro

    Why thanks Mr El Ham.
  5. Ham Intro

    Welcome man, hope you enjoy your time on the server.
  6. Spamming is bad

  7. Resignation

    You don't gotta leave man, Good luck to you Flynn, you will be missed.
  8. Eco Reset

    I think if there was to be any decision about an economy restart there should be a vote? Does sounds like a good idea but then it doesn't everyone gonna have to start from nothing and build up there bank again.
  9. Eco Reset

    That would just ruin the fun bby @jajkoored
  10. Application for BS

    Accepted - You will receive an invite to the disord for you interview.
  11. Trend

  12. Trend

    No chill
  13. Well it's just a banana

    Lick me
  14. Well it's just a banana

    Ik monie disgraceful
  15. Well it's just a banana

    Ur mum peeled my banana

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