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  1. Server Suggestions

    All of the stuff you just mentioned I believe is in hyplex everyone is suggesting it so why don't you? Other then that the grappling hook in evocity won't make a change what base without bullet proof windows is there that is high in the sky? To me I see no point but trolls trieng to get their way into a admin sit no other point in them but for trolls? But other then that I like the credit idea where you can get free unlimited stuff but maybe instead of buying it you earn it from stuff like destroying someones stuff (and possibly make it where if they are friends in steam that you can't get anything from it?) And I kinda like the idea about trading them in for in game money( not only because I have 30 dollars total I the game because I lost it in a coin flip)because it could help you out if you are on the low end? I just drained 20 percent of my battery writing that down and now my thumbs hurt...
  2. Props Limit suggestion.

    +support i rarely EVER go under 50 FPS i dont think that it will harm many people considering most of us are always at 200 fps so i hope we do get at LEAST get like a extrat 10 or even 5 props would help?
  3. bring back car collisions (CDM)

    im talking about a circle wich is filled up depending on the speed limit and if you go past the piece that is filled it says you are speeding
  4. Was scammed. Require refund.

    back up to the screenshot... you have 10 hours+ but you didn't know this? you must've gotten on at least two days and now talk about car? after you saw at LEAST 40 car and now ask to buy a car?
  5. Car glitch...I guess

    i haven't seen anyone have a Bugatti
  6. problem

    i cant view anything and i tried relogging anything else i can try?
  7. Suggestion

    actually having auto warn wouldn't be good because the server bugs out a lot and puts it where at the top it says you are breaking nlr but you are halfway across the map and what if they like the nlr thing but not hours or what if a mass rdmer gets online? then you would have so many false warns for NLR in spawn?
  8. bring back car collisions (CDM)

    and a suggestion WITH this one possibly one of those speed thing's that show the speed limit when you enter a car and if you go over it it tells you and it tells the cops?
  9. Props Limit suggestion.

    the props total is that big i never noticed they had thanks for letting me know we had one though:)
  10. vote

    i was just online and two people raided me i didnt really care though and they came in and took the stuff instead of me pressing x i pressed z wich undid my fading door and i nlred to save there life what is your opinion am i still in the wrong for nlr or not? and i held the fading dopor for a while that way they could get out then let go of it
  11. I was false warned

  12. Was scammed. Require refund.

    it ahs just no one aparrently cares
  13. bring back car collisions (CDM)

    i like the idea and it will possibly put more cops on the streets that way they actually do there job if a guy runs red
  14. ban(not meant to be app)

    first off sorry im posting this here but how come some times i come on here and it is impossible for me to post a topic (the green thing that says start topic or whatever isnt there)

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