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  1. +Support ! You were a active moderator that i actually like Perfect Know what to do in his sits really nice understanding loyal moderator .
  2. -Support You forgot your Steam ID Haxor. Im pretty sure our server Doesn't Need Hackers. Even you didn't even hack on it.
  3. im saying , if you were that old player in EG Community , you would've knew the handbook , all the staff talks about it .
  4. -Support you my friend need to learn step by step , if you said you had previous experiment that is lying in a application, Asking for staff being SOD is kinda like stupid to be honest with you i dont actually think you are that Professional Sorry. -Captain gai
  5. staffaplication

    -support -No Detail -rushed
  6. Pleaseeee come back i miss u pllslsssssllssllsllslslsllslsl i miss ur free chat :(
  7. Oliver, you have basically been missing in this community, i actually forgive you for that and i see that you regret it, +support.
  8. +Support ! +Perfect for the staff team +Needs to help -The 7 thing is bad in my opinon Good luck -Captain gay w w
  9. Make skilled crook haves like Advanced key pad cracker ! make a strip club and make the striper job thingy naked. lmao that is for 18+ kids run. make more prientersrsrsrs (printers) make gay jobs just for my gayness and my gay friends (Brents and more) ;DD
  10. Name: Vinn Previous Rank?: Owner Reason for demotion?: Abusing ( Not me vinn told me to apply for him , proof is here ( Who demoted you?: Brents. Why should you be accepted back?: cause he told me that this picture is old and we all do mistakes and he was actually one of the best owners that helped me as gayboy i say i want him back and everybody does and he's friendly , great guy, and i want to give him a shot back into the team and he would help all the admins , and SA'S that's for sure and being owner is like something hard to achieve and i would love him back into The team , although he abused even if the picture is old but he's perfect . @Vinn . THIS IS FOR VINN. thanks.
  11. -support lack in details (no detail) nothing different , when i was mod i used to do that aswell so yeah. good luck overall.
  12. Brents penis @Brents
  13. -support No detail. not in steam group no steam link theres nothing in your application. it got 1st worst application.
  14. -support No detail.. been banned doesnt know rules.
  15. @NIGHTWALKERX99 we need proof if u killed the staff member or didnt prop fly/ prop abusing