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  1. Very rich boy

    True lol
  2. Map change(to evo city v5)

    Holy big idea lol That is great map. +support seems like fun map I like turtles L
  3. brents

    Shit I mean @Dylann
  4. brents

  5. brents

  6. how to make ban appeal

    You look down you see ban appeals, click it, click the format copy it and paste it and do post and fill the questions.
  7. Zopak

    +support hot lol jk deserves it
  8. My veteran rank

    I was veteran in forums but not in discord, i played alot in this server and I'm in it before like 1.1 year. If you think I'm loyal you can give me that aswell lol. Thanks. @Brents @Vinn @lewez
  9. bye 💜

    Noooooooooo I didn't get that @ LOL good luck dude
  10. Help!!!

    Imma talk with fire fighters
  11. I'm sorry.

    I'd forgive you, he is really regretting and asking for forgiveness. @Brentsthink about it, he is previous sa, and he really regrets it and just need our forgiveness
  12. bitminers and /unbox

  13. bitminers and /unbox

    We are not CG lol
  14. VMX’S times up

    @VMXyou forgot me even xzy did lol dude you and xzy are gone, how is this happening.. Good luck in whatever you going to do, I will miss you