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  1. Build anywhere READD?

    I like the use of the tool guns to position the fences in a neat and accurate fashion
  2. do you know da wae?

    this memes been beaten to death more than my dick :/ x
  3. Build anywhere READD?

    Gotta agree with this, having a rule witch is discretionary to staff member just causes a hassle over being told different things by different staff members, the building rules should become less ambiguous and have a more set-in stone rule set. Having the disadvantage base rule expanded upon to be more solidified as to what classes as a disadvantage base will make more intensive to raid knowing that there's no actual unfair advantage like being gatted out of no where etc. That's my two-cents anyway, ty x
  4. Alphabet

  5. The Resignation of Marius

    Didn't really know ya fella, but it's sad if a liked person is leaving, so good luck with your future en-devours x
  6. TDM Cars

    Dunno if you've driven a car in real life buddy. But erm, the higher the gear and the fast you go, the less control you have. Slow down when coming to corners.
  7. Hacker (slight) buff

    "hack and kill" (((slight))) wew boy I guess I'd support the ability to hack a car unlocked which works like 10x the speed of a picklock, but the way you've worded it unless I've read it wrong makes it sounds like hacking the car to explode or some shit
  8. Henlo! I'm relatively new to this server well, returning as I had it in my history and played back in septemberish of 2016 I never actually joined the forums so I guess it's a valid intro lmao Hope to be frends with everyone and enjoy my continued play of the server! See my gs in game x (It is a Jojo reference)