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  1. freestylah

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^ i agree but it would kinda be nice tho i guess??? Maybe?
  3. request more tools on server

    -support can easily be used the wrong way
  4. Heisenberg's Farewell

    Rip Hiesenberg
  5. Hi guys.

    Welcome back!
  6. 3rd Time's A Charm

    Welcome back then i guess!
  7. Build anywhere READD?

    Building anywhere would be fun
  8. What event would you lot like to see happening?

    Gang vs Gang would be fun
  9. Need !unbox command

    +Support good idea
  10. New jobs and Money things

  11. Change Needs To Happen

    +Support the swat jobs seem good plez add more guns
  12. Suggestion for Houses

    +Support seems quite cool
  13. FAS:2 Weaponds

    -Support would make it very confusing and shooting is too ez atm
  14. Group chat (for your party)

    Parties would be good to see again