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  1. Bitcoin Miners

    That's what I've been saying. We had to nerf the hell out of them.
  2. Bitcoin Miners

    It's bad for server economy.
  3. Bitcoin Miners

    The Bitminers is OP don't add it without nerfing the miners first. My players were able to make $1,000,000 in 1 day.
  4. Bitcoin Miners

    The Bitminers or OP don't add them without nerfing them first.
  5. Letter of Resignation Date: 7-24-2017 Good Bye EG, It was fun while it lasted. I see I'm not needed anymore and that I've started back up my old community I have decided to leave. - 57_Wolve.
  6. rp_evocity_v4b1

  7. I do already own a few scripts that do display bans. So if its really needed I could get a site up.
  8. I'm already working on this in the new EG website. It will have a staff roster, form applications, ban list & appeals, and much more.
  9. MakeAmitozSA

    ugg fucking shit re-add it I found the issue.
  10. MakeAmitozSA

    Whoever issued the warning you need to give a valid for the warning not just "warning" reason, a warning will be removed.
  11. [UTILITY] Communitylauncher

    Good old Kanban board LOL.
  12. [UTILITY] Communitylauncher

    I've already got something for the website. No player would want to use an app that's glued to windows only (or use an app at all). It's an interesting idea but not one to use or practical.
  13. Resigning

    Nono it's good your talking about stuff that should have been said so it can be dealt with. plus it gives me an idea of where to start fixing stuff. ive already just by watching you all of what the issues are
  14. Resigning

    So your saying the founders are the issue
  15. Resigning

    E.G. Is dying because staff keeps leaving . I'm going to have to pull some staff to EG until I'm able to get perminate staff.