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  1. New Casino Idea

    no, coinflips are good.
  2. New Casino Idea

    Casino Idea How about adding a casino somewhere in town? I have a great idea where it could be: The old bar, nobody uses this place, so might as well make use of it. It has tons of space as well. Casino Machine Ideas: https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/4634 https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/2329 https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/2293 You should'nt be turning your money into chips on the slot machine, its just for forward gambling. Blackjack could go at the front of the room, the slots can go at the back & the roulette can go outside. This could be a great way of making money! If you would like to suggest other casino addons, please leave them in the replys! Please +Support or -Support Depending on your opinion Have a nice day!
  3. Server Suggestions

    - Support Pay to win ideas, plus pointless and generic. we'd get framed for coping other servers
  4. ATMs :3

    ATM Store money in the bank, while not in the bank. Useful & efficient Easy to use Links: gmodstore steam workshop Hope the server gets this, as we used to have an addon similar to this. Please +Support or -Support if you like the idea or not. Thanks for reading and have a great day!
  5. BITMINERS 2 <3

    よ BITMINERS 2 よ Bitminers are such a cool way to make money! They are a new loot to raid/take inside a base! It could offer some new RP experiences & something new to learn! and most importantly, it'll add more fun into raiding/basing! Links: gmodstore steam workshop I hope @lewez considers this addon :3 Please +Support or -Support depending on your opinion! Have a great day!
  6. Heisenberg's Farewell

    Sad to see you leave. thank you for helping me improve & others. you are a great person who was always there for all of us. good luck in your life :3 I hope I see you around Jynx
  7. @HIW Alex yea, I'm kinda 50/50 50 it's A bad idea and people will abuse thbe change. and 50 because it does bring some new ways to RP. from the 30 mins we got yesterday with the car colissians, I don't think we'd be adding this. Unless lewez makes a thing when you don't get hurt while your inside a car & gentley tapped. ty
  8. Car collisions is when you can kill/injure people with vehicles. This could form a new way to raid!/protect
  9. Your application is pending as you were banned.
  10. I was false warned

    Accepted - Warn will be removed due to a lack of communication with staff member. (Contact me, or another HA+ to remove your warn) Enjoy your day :3
  11. Props Limit suggestion.

    + Support Maybe extend all ranks’ prop limit by 20? That will surely help most players. Thansk for suggesting ✨
  12. bring back car collisions (CDM)

    We already have this, but it’s only accessable to superadmins. I think they should add it to the cops to bundle with it.
  13. The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test

    Noooo I've already done it :/
  14. The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test

    Oh god I remember this..
  15. I was false warned


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