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  1. My Resignation

    wtf bro my MENTOR And my MASTER you where a nice little fag that made me laugh CYA silver 1
  2. VIP++

    add a perma pistol or x2 tokens dunno
  3. Hi guys.

    welcome back gang member and old friend
  4. freestylah

    NOPE am just helping :=)
  5. freestylah

    HIS STEAM PROFILE his steam id is STEAM_0:0:51328228
  6. freestylah

  7. What event would you lot like to see happening?

    cancer vs cancer
  8. freestylah

    am not missing you
  9. freestylah

    did you find da way?? will you show EG da way
  10. freestylah

    OFC not we are CG
  11. Spending money

    Lets give the rdmers nukes
  12. Misleading rule?

    your base may only have 4 FD or less 2.05 The entrance to your base can have a maximum of three fading doors. One more fading door can be used for entity containers. this means that you can use 3 for the front of our base and 1 for your weed/printer room sorry that the admin told you something wrong
  13. Alphabet

    B for cunt
  14. Maybe add in 2.3 update

    make sure to +support or -support
  15. The Resignation of Marius

    omg I will miss you so much dunno why am crying