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  1. Stop Capitalising All Words In A Sentence.
  2. The rules state: 1.17 Do not break NLR - You must wait out the NLR timer at the top of your screen before returning to where you died (you may remember what happend in ur previous life) - Does not apply to police IT DOESN'T APPLY FOR POLICE, DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT BANK RAIDS!
  3. Do u rly think staff should be allowed to let their toxicity out on players and ruin the players opinion of the server?
  4. ban dis scummy shit, fucking new kid thinks he can be toxic and make this community cancer.
  5. Use obs
  6. Nightwalker even tho u used to abuse like a lot. I have to agree with u my friend
  7. Dab out the haters.
  8. Fucking hacker fuck off next time get a cac bybasser and use a dll injector to inject it ( I don't use it I know how to). I said this for educational purposes m9
  9. +support Why not, its a good idea
  10. +Support I play police a lot and it's stupid to have snipers on the ground, it would also help a lot against people who start shootings.
  11. +Support Obviously abuse
  12. -Support Minge.
  13. +Support I understand where you're coming from.
  14. +support Mod needs to learn the reason for warning and not to exadurate
  15. He was never inactive also he was never staff from the 21/05 onwards