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  1. Okey thanks for the hug
  2. lol every one is getting blacklisted
  3. wtf i want to die now
  4. someone banned you because when you hit the limit of warns it says like (banned for passing the warnings ban threshold.) or somthing like that
  5. idk maybe good maybe bad
  6. but he stole it and thats kind of RP so? 1.10 Do not scam, this means taking money from someone that is paying for a gun and not giving them the item, apart from this any kind of RP scam is fine.
  7. lul

  8. lul

  9. p h a n t o m cya later my dude :(
  10. ye sure and Welcome back dude
  11. lol
  12. Name: Monie<3 Previous Rank?: Admin Reason for demotion?: Minige and acts higher up then i was, don't help mods Who demoted you?: Brents Why should you be accepted back?: because i dident do anything wrong, i dident acts higher, and i never Minge, I helped Mods that needed help ingame and i trained them to. I dident do something wrong as my admin rank i was trying to be active because i work on the airport and same time i have school. (i cant play all day)
  13. it would be good but im not sure but still + rep + support