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  1. brents

    ye they do
  2. brents

    happy 12 years birthday @Brents
  3. cammy helped me

    ill would help you
  4. K

    you read this right? (Veterans of Elysian are those who showed loyalty throughout their time here, The veteran rank is an honor and a privilege, not a right.)
  5. 600

  6. 600 boo
  7. Bitminers

    then @lewez you should make a poll about this and ask what people want to remove one thing and then get bitminers insted?
  8. !unbox suggestion

    neutral it can break economy on the server if you have luck and always get good stuff in it
  9. Cripz

  10. XZY Resignation.

    thank you bud for a nice time
  11. Am I The First One?

    lol noob
  12. LOL

    ill comeback when im happy again and get my willing to live back CYA and i love you all thanks for my time and all the trust and love from you guys
  13. bye 💜

  14. Purple

  15. ik isent the staff team a litel butthurt just because you said faggot+