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  1. Miss me with that.
  2. wtf
  3. ACCEPTED We are sorry for this wrongful ban,you are unbanned.
  4. DENIED You were minging as a police officer and you were given countless chances,also you used the wrong format. You will stay banned.
  5. Witnessis can say anything,we need "stronger" evidence.
  6. i love that song
  7. ACCEPTED All of them will be warned for violating rule 2.02, When a building sign is up, you cannot have any entities in your base, including cars. Holy Mav will be temporary banned for violating too many rules.
  8. DENIED MRDM Is unacceptable,you will stay banned.
  9. read the the Forum Rules and Guidelines
  10. "15k to watch the event" seriously why do you have to give money to watch it,it's an event.
  11. You were doing your job and you were very active,however sometimes you refused to go on duty and i think you have to reapply if you resign. + SUPPORT
  12. wot
  13. Sad to see you go,hopefully you will come back.
  14. Use the format