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  1. VMX’S times up

    Ahem, where's my thank you tag? It's been fun playing with you, I still remember recruiting you to AXED almost two years ago, best of luck.
  2. bye 💜

    Triix told me you go to McDonalds every Friday, is that true?
  3. Using props to Tp into base

    No I didn't, I used your button.
  4. Using props to Tp into base

  5. Using props to Tp into base

    lmao, I literally used your button mate. Shit base anyway.
  6. wasteman

    1. RS5


      absolute wasteman.

  7. Tutor Rank

    -support sounds retarded af
  8. Extra Cars - (Needed)

    +support I've always wondered whythey removed the GTR R35 from 2014/15.... THosewere the good days