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  1. Your staff app is immature
  2. -Support Inmature Dosen't know the rules Using ulx commands off duty 2 times
  3. boi u asked what happend so what happend it he abooos
  5. There is no Tc mafia anymore when was the last time you joined the server dood
  6. Noice xDDDD
  7. I ment to enter event
  8. And iam going to accept them tommorow and event is tommorow enjoy your day
  9. And type here in chat that you wanna join
  10. Boxing Event Rules 1.No Mic Spam/Prop Block/ 2.You are Not allowed To RP (Mugging/Kidnap/etc.) 3.You Are not allowed To hold Guns 4.You are not allowed RDM Info 16 Players Only The round is 2 mins until you kill the other player There is Prizes Which i am going to talk about it later on 4 games Then 2 Then 1 Which is the final Prizes First Place Gets 500k Second place Gets 150k Good luck to everyone
  11. +support Never saw him minging at all He helped me out when i was new mod
  12. Noice
  13. Yeah and it also going to give that rp feeling
  14. Didn't ban a guy for 2 days today
  15. Nah i didn't deal with you before