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  1. Purple

  2. I have been a part of elysian gaming for 1 year now and i had some good time with some good ol friends but i think its time for me to resign and say good bye to elysian gaming and i promise i will be back when in summer huge thank you to @Brents for being a good friend @lewezfor taking care of this server and huge thank you for staff team i will keep in touch with you love you all
  3. Bitminers

    +Support i can’t wait till they get it
  4. Jynx Hentai Story

  5. Lordly's Last Run

    Hope to see you soon
  6. bye 💜

    bye you gonna be missed buddy
  7. Police Suggestions

    +Support Cops job is bit boring with these addons im pretty sure its gonna be much better
  8. Favorite song right now?

    i got more
  9. Resigning

    ay bro gonna miss you