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  1. Can i ask why do you need our steam community link/id
  2. + HE is a old staff, hes old name is Restcraft and he knows the rules he just don't care he is imature and a minge. walter remeber the time you were my mentor you spectated me whille i had him in sit?
  3. + support + norwegian
  4. + support the evidence clearly shows that he should get demoted
  5. ...................
  6. .
  7. If he was a crook/gangster/hacker he can steal it from you then it's just pring
  8. XD good to post it in suggestion @NIGHTWALKERX99 SO Brents talking to you is a suggestion and not a reminder
  9. ♛ Patchico ♛ Requirements to join: 1.) 6+ Hours. 2.) Must be Active. 3.) Discord Required. (Join this channel: https://discord.gg/XA9UB2 ) 4.) Must have a working micophone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ High commanding officers General: Hyfuhj General: MrPiguin Member count: 11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wanna join? You'r Ingame Name: Age: Why would you like to join Patchico?: What unique qualities could you bring to Patchico?: How many hours do you have(ingame and on gmod)?: Tell us a bit about you'r selves: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Allies: NMS and FZ (Fazilione) Enemies: N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rules Respect each other. Never attack an allied gang. Steal from us and you will be punished. Follow orders given from a superior officer. Assist Allies/Members if needed. Note: Rest of the rules you need to read on the discord you can also read more about how each rank works, if you got any questions send me a dm on Discord
  10. i was often on for 15 hours so i wen't of 15 min somethimes i think thats fair
  11. Btw i thourth only omni could spawn money??
  12. Sad to see you go after 7 moths i think it is now, hopefully you will come back.
  13. you should not have those 400 million then if you got it from the 250 million that got spawned