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  1. how to make ban appeal

    You can make a ban apeal here: https://forums.elysiangaming.co.uk/forum/50-darkrp/ Use this template: Your in-game name?: When were you banned?: Why were you banned?: How long was your ban? Who banned you?: What is your steam id?: Why should we unban you?: Evidence?: Tell the truth You must tell the complete truth in your appeal, we will find out and add time to your current ban if you're lying, please do not appeal a ban appeal if you actually did something wrong, we will not be giving you any second chances, you must wait out your ban. If your ban was a long time ago we may consider unbanning you. Information: Providing as much useful information about the situation is helpful. Without providing possible descriptions, evidence given may not be useful further on. Evidence: You MUST provide evidence of the actual situation. Providing the screenshot of the ban only would make the appeal invalid. If you have no evidence within the appeal of the situation that led up to your ban, your appeal will be denied. If you feel that logs are required to be able to prove your innocence, please contact staff through the EG discord channel (https://discordapp.com/invite/ucEneq6) to retrieve them before posting the appeal. Source:
  2. admin mistake

    make a ban apeal: https://forums.elysiangaming.co.uk/forum/50-darkrp/
  3. admin mistake

    https://forums.elysiangaming.co.uk/forum/50-darkrp/ Make a ban apeal
  4. problam when joining

    If nothing there works, you might have been blacklisted for cheating or other stuff
  5. K

    Proof 'cuz i hadn't seen you on the server before you applied for staf 0,5 of a year ago
  6. Hyfuhj

    I got 5- weeks in ingame time
  7. Hyfuhj

    Been here for over 1 year and i am active
  8. Veteran rank

    I can say chiken has been playing on eg for a long time he played when DCMafia was a thing
  9. My Official (Late) Resignation

    Em Jynx has been here for longer than MrBam
  10. Help!!!

  11. Bitminers

    + Support
  12. Several Suggestions

    + support on suggestion 2
  13. 600

  14. 600

    I am only 200 post's away
  15. !unbox suggestion

    + support