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  1. Pizza

    who doesnt?! as long as its not hawaiian pizza
  2. disappeared for a bit SCOOB

    hey! welcome back! i remember college XD wat are u majoring in??
  3. Keypads, buttons and fading doors

    if u find this in someones base dont hesitate to ask one of us. thats why we are there to help. if not, get screen shots and feel free to make a report. we can help offline too.
  4. Keypads, buttons and fading doors

    theres rows of rules on the keypad/button... 2.07 You may use a maximum of 3 fading doors, 3 sets of keypads per base (Feel free to use 1 extra for printer protection) 2.08 Keypads/buttons must be connected to a working fading door. 2.09 Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. 2.10 Keypads must be placed near the fading door. 2.11 Keypads must be low enough to be cracked from ground level - players should not have to crouch or jump. theres nothing more we can do...we do our best to check on those who do not understand the rules.
  5. Scoob is leaving

    I apologize for this horrible experience. This sort of thing is not tolerated what so ever. If you want to speak with some one, please let one of the HA or SA know.
  6. DJ bug

    ok so I discovered sound cloud works and has not given me any issues. I will be using this now. If anyone else has this issue I recommend this option.
  7. DJ bug

    In-game name: SchoolGirlz LSP (as DJ i changed it to Bear Naked LSP) Steam ID or Steam profile link: At what time did the bug occur? (Include your timezone too): 9am Tokyo time...but it does it all the time. Please give an explanation of this bug and how we can recreate it (Videos & screenshots are extremely helpful here): When I become DJ, I am playing my music and I just stop being able to hear the music. Everyone around me are able to continuously hear the music. It also works for me when I am not DJ and listening...the radio works. but only when I am DJ, randomly I am not able to hear the music. When the next music starts, it plays again but again randomly deafens. Is this happening to other players when they are DJ as well?