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  1. I have spoke with Jerree about this. He says you were afk was trying to get a hold of you. They could not find your button that lead to your fading door. Since I have no screenshots of the props from either side, I cannot say anything about it other than they must be visible from the fading door. I let him know that he needs to get screenshots of these before making a decision to kick for afk/failbase. thank u.
  2. please use the format. especially your steam id. we cant track u down ingame otherwise. thank u!
  3. ban appeal

    spoke to omni. you will be unbanned. give us a couple hours to be unbanned. also rules have been updated since u last played so please review them
  4. who doesnt?! as long as its not hawaiian pizza
  5. just reply to it and rewrite it is fine
  6. so you are reporting for the player who was a hitman and he was warned for RDM? Im having a hard time understanding the situation being said... or did u get warned for placing the hit and its being called as RDM?
  7. I apologize for this horrible experience. we will discuss this with this staff member regarding this issue.
  8. hey! welcome back! i remember college XD wat are u majoring in??
  9. if u find this in someones base dont hesitate to ask one of us. thats why we are there to help. if not, get screen shots and feel free to make a report. we can help offline too.
  10. theres rows of rules on the keypad/button... 2.07 You may use a maximum of 3 fading doors, 3 sets of keypads per base (Feel free to use 1 extra for printer protection) 2.08 Keypads/buttons must be connected to a working fading door. 2.09 Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. 2.10 Keypads must be placed near the fading door. 2.11 Keypads must be low enough to be cracked from ground level - players should not have to crouch or jump. theres nothing more we can do...we do our best to check on those who do not understand the rules.
  11. why would u try a cheat if u loved the server?
  12. +support
  13. that sucks u lost all ur dupes... its a little late now but for future reference there is a folder in your gmod game under advance duplicator that contains all the files u saved. make sure to back those up. same with pac if u have any of those too
  14. staffaplication

    -/+ neutral lack of detail/rushed good amount of daily game time i know it doesn't ask but curious, what time zone are u?
  15. u linked the cheat u used... its obviously for cheats. if we unban u for that we have to unban all the others for the same thing. rules are pretty clear.